PyWeek - python is fun - feedback

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1 4 1

It's a shame you didn't get it all finished. It looks and sounds really nice though, so maybe you
can keep working on it after PyWeek.

1 3 1

looks unfinished

1 4 1

Good start but not really a game yet.

1 2 1

I'm glad you learned something, anyway. I definitely think you were too ambitious, a common
problem for first-timers. Looking forward to your next game!

2 4 2

This was shaping up very well! I hope to see a finished entry from you in the future

2 3 2

Not much to play.

1 3 1

No gameplay. Graphics are quite pretty, though.

1 3 1

Looks like you were off to a good start.

1 2 2

good effort

2 4 1

While it was not finished, it look stunning! The graphics and music were ,themselves,
something worth mentioning even if they had no actual game-play to enhance. I want to see what
you were going to do with it.

1 1 1

The graphics are really cool, it's a pity you couldn't finish it. Better luck next time!

1 4 3

not finished, but good graphic and music

2 3 2

The best fire contrail I have ever seen! You made me stay minutes with big red button pressed to
look at it.

1 2 2

Very promising, but unfinished