some trouble with enemy movement

i wasted some time on bezier curves
wanted to move the enemy ships along bezier paths
had some trouble implementing it
decided to go to speed, angle - movement, where i transform the angle and / or the speed over time.

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Be careful using bezier curves for navigation. By definition they are non-unit speed curves, so you'd have to do some additional math to make them useful for those purposes.
Well you don't have to. Depending on how wild your Bezier curves are, the variation in speed could well be slight enough that nobody will notice. And the people who do notice might not even care. And the people who do care will forgive you since it's PyWeek. :)
Very good point. If you can get away with it, go for it! :)
I quite like using catmull-rom splines, as an added bonus, they're guaranteed to pass through all the points (except first and last) and they're easier to implement. (if you haven't already.)
hey, thank you guys for the advices. I had totally missed your comments. I think the different speeds for some of the enemy-ship movement look kind of nice even. Implementing them would by now be possible for me too. I did some further reading about it.