The Beast Hunters

It is your turn to hunt the forest beast - can you succeed where the rest of your relatives have failed?


Semicolons of abomination
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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 2.2
Production: 2.6
Innovation: 2.2

50% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 5


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an initiation
scott 2013/04/20 23:56

Diary Entries

first screenshot


I'm not really sure what I'm making (which is bad), but I have a screenshot.The main character is basically just a sphere with cylinders for arms, and I can't really call those other messy meshes trees and keep a straight face. 

I'm using a slightly different array of tools:

  • Allegro 5 is my main windowing engine
  • PyOpenGL
  • pycollada (0.4 from git)
  • Blender (2.64) with Collada exporter.
I spent quite a lot of time doing this random hexagonal culling. The idea being that I only render objects that are in the same hexagon as the main character, or one of the 6 surrounding hexagons.

Oh, and the red line in the characters hand is supposed to be a sword, but it looks more like a laser scanner when it swings.


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another screenshot

Hi fellow pyweekers,

A friend of mine suggested turning my game into a beast hunt. So far I've added a beast (but without any AI yet, and basically just a large version of the main character with horns) and some minions (just clones of the main character at the moment).

I've added a way too aggressive controller for the minions

    def update(self):
        # do something sensible
        # attack!
        angle_betw = math.atan2(self.player1.avatar.y - self.avatar.y,
            self.player1.avatar.x - self.avatar.x);
        dist_betw = math.sqrt((self.player1.avatar.x - self.avatar.x)**2. +
                 (self.player1.avatar.y - self.avatar.y)**2.);
        if utils.shortest_difference_between_angles(angle_betw, self.avatar.facing) > 10. * math.pi / 180.:
            # turn towards
            if utils.compare_angles(angle_betw, self.avatar.facing) > 0:
        # charge!

Oh shit ...

... i'm being attacked by clones.

The beast lurks here, but doesnt move yet.

My gameplay mechanics are fairly terrible right now.


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FInal upload


I have uploaded my final game. I'm pretty happy with what I've done, although I don't think it's a particularly fun game. There are also some major bugs. If the character runs around for long enough the amount of active minions can become very large and slow the game down to a crawl.

It's untested or packaged for windows or mac at the moment.

In hot pursuit of the beast.

Thanks to those organising this event - it was fun and it's given me some ideas for future games.


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I was unable to package a windows version of my game, but I was able to get it to work under windows today. There were a few of steps (sorry) ...

You'll need:
  • Allegro5 (I tested with this
  • PyOpenGL (hopefully everyone already has this, but the version I used is this one
  • Setuptools (I'm not sure if this is required... and most people should already have it ttps:// 
  • PyCollada (this is only available from git, but I provided a win32 version here -
  • Install python extensions (I was using python 2.7, i haven't tested with anything else)
  • Copy allegro dlls (all of bin directory in zip file) into the game folder (next to
  • For some reason I ended up with included in my submission, this file is actually part of the allegro distribution. It needs to be patched to load the correct dlls on windows, so it needs to be replaced with this file -
  • My game requires python to be on the path. You can either set this yourself (if you know how) or copy this bat file into the project directory
  • Run the game - either double click on run_game.bat,  ... or ... open a cmd shell in the game folder and type python

I hope that is not too much effort. I will definitely make an effort to try everyone elses' games later in the week.

I also made the stupid mistake of starting the player in a basically featureless hexagon. So please don't be put off by the fact that you can't see anything change when you move _until_ you hit a wall,