Mechanics almost done

Horror Vacui

First time at PyWeek!


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Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2.1
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 2.7

9% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


File Uploader Date
Final Version of the game
manthajk 2013/04/20 15:11
2013-04-18 00.41.02.png
Mechanics almost done
manthajk 2013/04/17 22:42
2013-04-15 14.18.54.png
Map created with json
manthajk 2013/04/15 12:19

Diary Entries

1 day: Not to much work but I have something in mind...

I've been traveling today and I haven't been able to code nothing but I have one idea to try for my first:
I'm going to write a platform/puzzle game were you have to compete with your "nemesis" trying to solve the puzzle in before your enemy.
I have in my mind something like VVVVV, but I'll try to do some "steampunk" ambient instead of "8 bits retro".

It will have different levels with different mechanics in each level. Some possible mechanics will be the next ones:
- Mirror level: The enemy will walk in oposite direction than your character.
- Collect the items before the enemy.
- No (or rare) gravity levels.
- ...

And if I have time I will try to do some local multiplayer, but I don't promise nothing!

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Second day advances

I've done the firsts steps of the game: 
- The game is loaded and shows a character who moves freely (no gravity yet)
- The tilemap is created from a json file and the character is placed in the location from the same.
- Insert different kinds of tiles.
- Insert an enemy.
- Redesign graphics and character animation.
- Create jump move and gravity.
- And a lot of things more...

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End of fourth day!

After some fights with myself finally I've decided what is going to be my game:
The life is short and your greatest nemesis is the Time! For plenty enjoying it,and increase your life time, you'll have to take different items from the screen... 
It's not a great plot for a game, but its a cool metaphor from the capitalist way of life XD
Things done:
- Platform-like movement across the map. You can take objects and increase your life time.
- Random beginning and positioning of the items.
- Insert sounds and music
- Create a title screen with the plot of the game
- Create animations and redesign tiles
To Long Term Do:
- Insert a competitive mode with other player
- Create different maps who appears randomly.

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Final version of the game!

After 6 days programming during around 3 hours a day I finally ended my first entry at pyweek!
It has been very challenging because it was my first "serious" game and my first big OOP program in python (I'm learning the language since February).
At the beginning my game was going to have a lot of stuff, but soon I realize that you can't do so much in only a week, not with my current skills.
To sum up I can say that I enjoyed so much doing this challenge, I lernt a lot of game programming and python, and now I can give to myself some advice for the next pyweeks:
- Don't try to do complicated things at the first time. Don't promise things that you can achieve.
- Graphics are important, but not spend to much time with it: You only have a week!
- Music and sounds dress a lot the game, search for cool ones on the Internet because... You only have a week!

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