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Arcanum Essentia Obscurata: Nemesis

Enter the sanctum of a long-guarded secret power. The architecture has worn and failed in several places, but the traps are still quite deadly and fully operational. Venture forth to learn the secrets of the chambers nestled deeper within and learn about the elusive Arcanum Essentia.

In this demo of "Arcanum Essentia Obscurata: Nemesis", experience the game's basic mechanics and explore the halls leading deeper into the sanctum. Navigate over fallen architecture, solve puzzles, and exploit the environment to proceed.

Please ensure that your video drivers are up to date. For the least hassle, using the installer given for your platform is highly recommended.


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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3
Production: 4.5
Innovation: 2.9

11% respondents marked the game as not working.
1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
Final installer for Windows. Recommended for Windows users.
rdb 2013/04/21 22:07
Final source code.
rdb 2013/04/21 15:46
Installer for 64-bits Debian/Ubuntu Linux
rdb 2013/04/21 14:03
Installer for 32-bits Debian/Ubuntu Linux
rdb 2013/04/21 13:25
Application bundle for Intel Macs
rdb 2013/04/21 12:50
Application bundle for PowerPC Macs
rdb 2013/04/21 12:43
final screen 2
rdb 2013/04/20 23:59
final screen 1
rdb 2013/04/20 23:59

Diary Entries


Phew, that's that.  This PyWeek has certainly been more intense for me than the last one I participated in, although certainly more fruitful.  I'm rather satisfied with the result; I've learnt a lot and I feel that I could not have done a better job.  I've faced challenges that I had not faced before, which was the primary reason for my participation.

The game turned out to be an action-adventure style game.  There's not an awful lot of content, but there's not a lot of content that one can produce in a week for a game of this style.  But we implemented most of the content that we had planned to make from the start; I was not certain that we would be able to pull this off.

I did most of the modelling in Blender3D, about which I've uttered both praise and curses during the course of the week.  Most of my curses were at the exporter, though, which I've had to modify on several occasions in order to support a particular feature that I wanted.  But in the end, I managed to set up a reasonably working pipeline, that would make adding further content a lot easier if we were to ever pick this up again.  I certainly had a lot of fun with Blender's ambient occlusion baking and with its Ivy Generator, though. ;-)

I had planned from the beginning to push off texturing to the second half of the week so that I could focus on adding more content from the beginning.  This worked out well, but the texturing ended up being pushed off until the last two days, which caused it to become more of a rush job.  I'm satisfied with how it turned out, but it could have been better had I started a day earlier.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with normal and specular mapping on the walls - they simply didn't show up for some reason.  This is a real shame, because the game would have looked so much better with them.  The fact that the lighting system that I hacked up was so incredibly hacky made debugging this complicated.

We also didn't get as much done as we wanted regarding sound.  I didn't get 3D sound working, and we didn't find the right sound files in time.  The code to play the music was added within the last hour of the challenge.  This is a shame, as better sound effects would have added so much more atmosphere to the game.

But aside from all that, I'm pleased with the result, and I hope that it's received favourably.

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