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The Nemesis Code

A hacker is trying to hack the top secret files on the Nemesis Corporation's super computer. You control a virus sent to retrieve files from the computer. Jump from file to file while avoiding firewalls and antivirus programs.


William Gibson approves
Presented by circusblatta

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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.4
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 2.6

Respondents: 16


File Uploader Date
nemesis_code 1.2.zipfinal
Final submission
HipetyHopit 2013/04/21 08:14
nemesis_code 1.2 - Windows
Windows Exacutable
HipetyHopit 2013/04/21 08:11
First final
HipetyHopit 2013/04/18 15:00
Current progress
HipetyHopit 2013/04/16 15:34
first screenshot.png
First screenshot
HipetyHopit 2013/04/14 09:02

Diary Entries

Moving pixels

I have now finished most of the game mechanics.  This is a simple platform jumping game with randomly generated levels.  I've decided to rather focus on making a complete game that works well than a half finished complex game.

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First Final

I've now finished the first version of my game.  Everything should work.  I managed to test it on a Linux virtual machine, but don't have access to a Mac so if anyone tries to run the game on Linux or Mac please let me know if it worked.  Now I only have to do final editing and testing and maybe add an executable file for windows.

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Finallt finished

I've now finished the game to my satisfaction.  I've added music and a Windows executable.

PS the options menu is accessible via the F1 key, F2 switches to fullscreen and F3 toggles music.

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