Revenge against the gods. (or how to spend more time doing a synthesizer than a game).


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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 3.4

8% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


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lucio 2013/04/21 06:33
Retribution final
lucio 2013/04/21 06:33
the synth code preview
lucio 2013/04/16 05:34

Diary Entries

Day one.

I've settled on the game i am going to try build.

Nemesis is the goddess of divine retribution against those that show arrogance before the gods. So, you are Nemesis's little helper, sent to earth to punish those pesky humans.

Its going to be a multilevel fight game. But as this is a solo entry, i wont be doing much graphics, so it will be quite abstract. Circles and stuff. Hopefully i can make it look decent enough. Maybe steal some nice palettes, do some gimping.

My main objective is to try to work out some interesting game dynamics. Where its all about tension and release. Combo buildup and release at failures.

So, with no graphics and only gameplay to worry about i wont be able to blame the amount of work i had to do if the game sucks. So to try to help the tension/release idea i want to have some generative music that varies in response to the game situation.

As i enjoy being over ambitious, i will try to do a dsp network like sound generator for each note. Something akin to an extremely simplified puredata. This way i can really vary the music in response to the situation without having any external dependencies.

My schedule for the competition goes like this:
Day 1: Finish game mechanics and some levels.
Day 2: Add enough details (intro tut or stuff) so the game is playable and can be play tested.
Day 3-4: Fix what went wrong with play testing and add more levels.
Day 5: Add sound/music
Day 6: Improve on graphics
Day 7: Polish (intro, death, 'cutscenes', score, etc).

Yes, i dont think ill make it either.


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Interesting but not scheduled day two

Day two has ended. 

Instead of going with the plan of focusing 100% on gameplay i did some gameplay but decided i needed to spice it up a bit with sfx because it was too "flat".

I ended up finishing the FM synthesizer! I can now create oscillator setups to produce sounds like the old OPL2 / Adlib. I am pretty happy with this.

Music right now is just some random notes picked randomly, generated on the fly.

I still need more enemy types, more levels and some textual interaction for backstory / tutorial.

The biggest parts missing from gameplay are:
- combo move (just one combo)
- strategic enemies

So, the plan for the rest of the days:
3) gameplay, enemies, levels and text. 
4) tweak playability and levels
5) music
6) graphics
7) polish

Ill upload the synth code, to run it you just need to:

$ python

And you will hear some of the sounds it produces.

Keeping this jornal is really helping me with the planning. Hopefully this will still look good by friday.


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mingus not working?

Make sure you install this:

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"Nice writing"

Someone in the game reviews said "Nice writing" about the game. I was not expecting that lovely compliment, i will share a little secret that i was pretty sure no one was going to get:

All the in game text are made up of mixing titles from works of Aldous Huxley!

Open The Doors Of Perception and enter 
The World of Light!

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