Stellar Combat


As you control a forming sun through space and time, you encounter another star in your wake. Vying for celestial status, the two will ultimately reach an end to your lives, as all stars do.


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Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2.1
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 2.6

Respondents: 15


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Erebus v2.zipfinal
Maybe this will have more redeeming value.
Ryan42 2013/04/20 06:28
Preemptive. Incomplete. Dissatisfied. Hoping for the best.
Ryan42 2013/04/20 05:24
Stellar Combat
Ryan42 2013/04/20 00:53
I have pictures. They can move. And you can move them sometimes.
Ryan42 2013/04/15 04:46

Diary Entries

Prelude to Precarious Perplexity

This is going to be a long week.

I keep forgetting how much over laps at exactly this time of year and this time of month. I've been preparing for the week by finishing school projects, papers, etc., but that won't account for any unexpected or predisposed obligation. Similarly, I've been practicing and working out as many problems that I might encounter and reminding myself that I do, in fact, know how to program. For now, I'm just going to make the best of it. 

I will complete this game. I will finish this time.

Or so I hope.

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Slow Start, but Making Progress

I finally managed to decide last night (at around one in the morning while I was putting together my main game engine) on a solid game idea. I think it's simple and possible for how much I have going on this week.

I'm definitely going to have to limit myself on how much "physics" I actually use, but it's going to be a game about controlling a forming sun through a nebula, collecting particles to grow bigger, brighter, and bluer (Maybe redder, but I wanted the alliteration). From there, you'll find another star trying to do the same thing: henceforth your nemesis.


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Little by little

Not exactly what I expected, but it's coming together none-the-less. Right now there are some collectible items and a movable star. However, nothing does anything after that. I'm remembering how much I despise collision detection, and, looking at some of the other entries, I'm not the only one. 

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Day 2 ends.

Well, for one thing, I think it's enough to be able to say that, finally, I've gotten as far as to making the game... well... playable. You can actually wave your hands around the buttons that normally control your computer, and my game will react accordingly. I feel pretty accomplished about this fact.

Maybe I will actually finish.

Well, now I just need to do the important stuff that makes it a game.

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Almost.... But not quite.

While it promises much, it is incomplete, still pretty buggy, unpredictably unreliable, and possibly unplayable. Also, it's the worst knot of spaghetti code I've written, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. I can't stay up any longer, and I won't be able to work on it at all tomorrow, so this is a preemptive resignation pretty much to the last capable second. 

However, I did get the most accomplished that I have ever been able to do on a game, especially for pyweek. It definitely great learning my strengths and my weaknesses and actually making something. While it was as minimal as I wanted it to be, I probably should have been able to finish it; my inexperience and meticulousness tied me down. 

Cheers to everybody else and their games! Hope you had more luck than I did.

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