PyWeek - Paralax - feedback

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2 2 1

I don't know what I should do

2 3 3

Is there a way to win? The graphics are good but it could use some sound and/or feedback on how
well you are doing.

2 2 4

Neat idea, not a whole lot of replay value, though.

2 3 4

I found it very easy to get lost in this world -away from powerups and the enemy galaxy. Like the
idea though

2 3 3

It is unfinished, the only thing you can do is avoid your nemesis, not enough in my opinion,

3 3 2

A short game. I liked moving around in space. Graphics were simple, yet okay. It was a bit hard
though, as your "nemesis" would sometimes just come into the screen and suck you in.

1 2 2

Showed potential, especially with the physics of the stars, but lacking in significant
gameplay or goals.

3 4 4

Good game. The only problem was that I had no concept of how much the nemesis was pulling me and
how much I was pulling it. But I'm not sure how to even go about fixing that so good work.

3 2 3


2 3 3

A little too easy to avoid the other star, until you get bored because there is nothing left to

2 2 3

Add some introduction/ending.. a game is supposed to have something similar

2 2 2

Nice gravity simulation.

1 1 1

pygame.error: No video mode large enough for 1280x800 - I removed the fullscreen and it works,
but I couldn't do much as is not finished.

2 2 2

There is hardly anything in this game.

3 3 2

It doesn't seem like a complete game, but it's a nice little simulation. The graphics were
cool, I like the way stuff squished when it approached and the nice parallax effect. This would
have been great if there was more of a goal to it (like Osmos). The little galaxies/stars didn't
seem to do much when I absorbed them and I didn't know I could actually grow like in the picture.