September 2008 challenge: “The length of a piece of string”

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pyKevin and Penguin's Delightful Romp Through the Forest of Imagination

  • — A one-button strategy game of WORLD DOMINATION, where you play as one of the Fates and cut the threads of your people to conquer the world! EDIT: Added in the Art credits and change to .zip

Manage your Orange empire of Greece through the lives of others! Promote those who think like you, and condemn those who do not suit your master plan.

Team: pyKevin, Penguin


Jump up on pieces of string. As high as you can!

Team: matthieutc, phoenixtoday, delta, Xin, rapha


We will change the name later

Team: hejsa, qff, theresia, christina, rune, dan, utdiscant

Mutant Radioactive Kittens

As expected, I didn't have as much time to work on this as I'd hoped. Here's what is supposed to be the premise:

You have been kidnapped by a mad scientist and must escape his facility. However, his mutant radioactive kittens stand in your way! You must collect bits of string in order to distract the kittens and make your escape. If you have enough string, you can also braid it into rope for climbing down at certain parts.

As it stands, you can pick up string but it can't actually do anything with it. Also, the kittens don't move. Basically, to beat the level, all you have to do is not touch any kittens and get to the door. It is possible to climb up and down existing ropes, however.

Entrant: aoeuhtns

Artificial Ineptitude

Team: Macarse, leito, nicoechaniz, facundobatista, ricardokirkner, lucio, cami

Monkey in a tangle

This is a group effort from OSU. The game is 2D, viewed from the side, and a collector game.

The game mechanics work like this: You're a monkey with a tether. You'd like to box yourself some bananas but your hands are circular so what do you do? You tether them! (Why not?).

In the upper right hand corner you'll see the number of bananas you need to box and how many you've boxed so far. Once your box is full you will move to the next level. If you don't complete the level before time runs out you must restart the level.

A faster computer is suggested to play the game. It will likely be slow and unfun on anything slower than a 1.2 GHz x86

Team: Alfred Rossi, morgan.goose, jane, jsharpna

Snake - The RPG!

Snake, hero of the classic and conveniently public domain snake games (as found on old cell phones everywhere), is BACK! And stuck in a dungeon! With monsters and treasure!

Entrant: myke

The day mom tied us together

We are anything but ninjas. If we were, you wouldn't be able to read this without dying. Exe Here

Team: alia, electric i, smatts, drewcifer


Help a cat and a princess escape a castle in this _epic_ platformer title.

Entrant: logicow

Yo Yo Brawlah!

Scrolling brawler game in the spirit of the old arcade games like Double Dragon and Bad Dudes. Requires pyglet and avbin.

Known Issues:

Yo-yo won't shoot (you just see little white circles
emanating from the center of your dude)
  Solution: restart game

Low framerate
  Solution: this game plays at 60fps on my macbook, but only around 30fps on
patrick's powerbook.  We think it is due to more features being enabled in 
the powerbook.  Our best workaround is to edit the code in visualeffects and 
soundeffects and just remove all the AddListener lines.

Exception when running with Python2.4
  Solution: comment out the "finally:" line in and dedent one level
the following line, wich reads "fp.close()"

Team: sjbrown, patrick, arcticclear

Plectrum Infinitum

A virtual autoharp simulator. Rock out like your grandma!

Entrant: ajhager

_Cecilia Music Game_

This is a Music Game, a you-listen-a-song-and-try-to-reproduce-it one. I hope you enjoy it. BONUSTRACK: it has photos from my travel round Brasil.

Entrant: JuanjoConti

Aleutha and the strings of life

this is my third pyweek and as everytime i'm looking forward for great entries and a lot of fun.

Entrant: Trobadour

Bungee Manager

Manage a Bungee Jumping company! As customers looking for adrenaline shots arrive to your bridge, choose their jumping point, the length of the rope and enjoy watching them leaping into the void... or the rocks. Get money from larger jumps... or face bankrupt if accidents multiply!

Entrant: Woodwolf

So long, A love story

I'm using pyglet + cocos2d + pymunk.

The game is based on a love story.
Genre of the game: sort of nibbles + puzzle + arcade + love.

Project page

Entrant: riq

Garbage Collector

You control the Garbage Collector. You have to string up memory fragments and dispose of them at specific dump locations. Don't let memory fragments to escape!

You can chose GC-ing of multiple languages, from easy (Python) to hard (Assembly)

Have fun!

Team: Ron, kukkerman, sanka, lizzybennet, Syl, goss

Street Surf

You're a cat on a trash can lid, and you've managed to catch a string dangling from a passing tuna truck. Catch all the tuna you can while avoiding sidewalk obstacles! (This is my first attempt at PyWeek, and my second attempt at making a game of any kind)

Entrant: boiserm


You have 25 seconds to get the ball of twine to the end of the level. This gets tricky because the ball of twine is quite bouncy.

You must roll to the end using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. You can press F5 to take a screenshot and '~' to bring down a console.

Team: pufuwozu, gravy_lips

Legends of Kiralia: Shadows Dawn

Seven Centuries ago Felimon, Lord of the Shadows, was banned from Kiralia and trapped in the Sphere of Chaos. The portal to this sphere is located in a magically enforced chest, tightly wrapped up in more magically enforced string - all just to make sure that Felimon will never ever set a claw on the surface of Kiralia.

But some days ago, the magical string was destroyed into several pieces, considerabily weakening the lock on the chest, making it even possible for Felimon to escape if he notices it in time. Only one piece of the magical string was found nearby the open chest and the Order chose you to retrieve the other pieces.
It is known that those pieces will set themselves together if piled on each other, enabling the Order to retain the once powerfull lock as soon as all pieces of the magical string are back in the Orders hand.

But you have to hurry - every day that passes increases the possibility that Felimon will sense the weakness of his prison and might try to leave it...

Team: ServalKatze, Zahmekoses

Rayzan - King of the Strings

A happy and sunny day Rayzan, our charismatic and muscular hero, found a mysterious string-rope-thingy in his backyard in the wild rainforests of Faraway'istan. Rayzan, always up for a challenge, then decided to see how far he could go measuring the rope, as it seemed endless! Join him in his epic story to discover to what lengths the string-rope-thingy finally rises.

Team: graner, phren, mosillan


The ultimate gondola shipping, shape sorting, barge unloading game of all time.

Get the right shapes to the right places to score. But be warned: there are only a limited number of islands to build on and longer cables are expensive! Sort wisely to minimize loss.

Team: joey101, mmarshall

RegEx Express

"Choo choo!"

All aboard the RegEx Express, where we be learnin' things and parsin' strings! Using curses and verses we'll be mixing humor and rhyme with good-ol'-fashioned ascii graphics.

So join us back on the track -- the choo choo track -- and it's full steam ahead on this string bling fling!

Team: HanClinto, steveth45


  • — Our demo for pyweek submission - read the post on what to do if oyu want to truly enjoy it ;)
This is the team from, formerly known as HITHS, and still sometimes known as that XD

Team: pymike, keeyai, john, nihilocrat, Archwyrm, RB[0], Geometrian

Team Periware

This will be my first entry in PyWeek. I expect to lose, and to have a great time doing it!

Entrant: Peristarkawan

Shot The Hook

Garfio is lost in Liebana Caves. It have a mighty hook but a limited amount of strings. can he get to the exit?

Entrant: zhen


First attempt at Python and PyWeek! :) Well, PyWeek is over now. The game didn't end up where I'd hoped, but it was a good learning experience nonetheless. See you all next time :)

Entrant: maular

Fishing Frenzy!

Fishing Frenzy is a mad-cap arcade-style game of skill and speed as you struggle to haul in as many fish as possible while avoiding debris and the dreaded electric eel!

Team: htormey, caseman, cbean, eric

People and Planes

Once upon a time, there was this green man who enjoyed Pyweeks. Unfortunately, this time, he was plagued with unexpected problems and at the last day, he realized what he had wouldn't work. So, looking that he had only 8 hours left for the deadline, he decided to go out for a walk instead of finishing his entry. He climbed a giant ladder and sat on a cloud. From the top of the cloud, he saw many little colored people waving to the air. From the view above, he also saw several colored planes flying around. It was very obvious that the little colored people wanted to get in their respective colored planes. And so he remembered he had a piece of string from Pyweek, so stuck his hand on the cloud and let one end of the string drop so the little colored people could grab the string to get on their planes. And, so, his quest began to put the little colored people in the little colored planes...

Please read README.txt for instructions, but all you need to know is that you move with arrow keys and have to put colored people in planes of the same color. Sorry for the lack of polish/sound/intro/ingame-instructions.

Entrant: Tee


Entrant: bodiddlie


First I started with a mario galaxy 2d type game, abandoned that, started a puzzle game, ran into a big problem, had to code around it to avoid that. I didn't get as many difficult or fun elements in my game as I wanted but I'm happy with it. Also, if you run python2.4, you need to define the all() function as it's builtin for 2.5.

Entrant: eugman

Stolen Fate

All future updates for this project will be entered in the Threads Of Fate pyggy awards project page.

Your beloved is destined to be the greatest ruler the land has seen. Some nasty has stolen Fates' power and used it to attack your beloved, snipping off that destiny. The bits have been handed to minions, which increases their power. You have to get the bits to save your beloved and your land.

A buncha folk from

Project Page
Discussion Group

Richard's the primary coder with abzde, cfuller, Ehtirno and Cosmologicon helping. He also created most of the artwork with Haragorn pitching in too. mp and tee_skoowared composed the music.

Team: richard, abzde, Haragorn, Ehtirno, cfuller, mp, Cosmologicon

String Defense

A quick collaboration by two guys who wanted to enter. You know, to learn and have fun and stuff. Read the last diary entry for parts we may have left out of the final submission.

Team: jabagawee, forrestv



Team: SimRex, Rexette


A game about the Moirea. Atropos to be specific.
Wikipedia on the Moirae

Entrant: nilsf

Allefant 7

This time the Allefant is in isometric 3D!

Entrant: allefant


I hope to remember the competition this time...

Entrant: focaskater


0111100101101111011101010010000001100001 0110110001101100001000000111001101101101 011001010110110001101100 but seriously, this should be a fun week.

Team: PmEe, vision_7, ecrovoyan

Days of Tsunami

Race the seas of the world looking for fame and money!

Known bug: the game gets slower after each race. If you quit and restart everything works fine, and your score is kept. Sorry, didn't caught that during testing :)

Team: dmoisset, ra, elachuni, gaston770, sicotronic

The Space Adventures of Digby Marshmallow, Space Burglar ...In Space!

The Space Adventures of Digby Marshmallow, Space Burglar ...In Space!: Flowing vector artwork in an explorer puzzle game of space larceny.

Nausea Warning: please play in windowed mode (change in options then restart the game) if you suffer from motion sickness.

Team: gsyhiap, Chard, Carrie, Martin, adam, Abi

Bell Runner

If you're old enough and Apple enough, you may remember a fun little platformer called Lode Runner. This is the same, only different.

Brother Albert is an apprentice bellringer who's just starting to learn the ropes. Help him ring the bells in the right order to open the exit. Get through all the churches and earn the title of Master of Bells and Whistles (or just bells, anyway).

Entrant: gcewing

Kiko The Circus Hero

The idea for the game was experiment with diferent rope physics: equilibrium, lazoo, launch a hook, etc. Halas, no time for too much physics plus base engine in pygame.
Anyway, Im happy of being at pyweek

Shame on me !!
The screen telling the keys mention 'z' and 'x' for equilibrium when it must read 'z' and 'c'
Linux - Mac slowness problem:
In Linux and Mac the game is running
too slow, theres a one line fix for this:
in kiko/ , near the begining, replace the line
time_service = time.clock
time_service = time.time

Entrant: claxo


  • — Bugfix release - actual readme included, and more info from the gui so you can actually understand how to play.
Bringing games kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat. Never holding their hand and showing them the way politely.

I dream of string is an oldschool puzzle adventure game, where your quantity of string and how you use it is of the utmost importance. Help an unnamed string-based lifeform reclaim favor from his people after they kicked him out for being too short. Your quantity of string is used to solve puzzles, which ramp from very easy to fiendishly difficult.

Team: saluk, Don Blake

Enter The String

First solo entry. Competed with team in prior challenges, but just don't have enough time for the meeting up, collaboration, etc. this go round.

Entrant: djfroofy_c_


Attempt to reach the peak of a never before climbed mountain using a specially designed pendular climbing machine. The PAC (Pendular Ascension Chamber) has an integrated cable gun, which will launch high-elasticity climbing lines. The HEC lines are each fitted with an automatic grappling iron which will latch on to any secure surface. Your challenge, is to climb in to your brand new PAC and use it to go where no man or machine has gone before, to the top of Knot Mountain.

Entrant: andyb

Dominoes String

I am Milker, here is my solo entry for PyWeek#7
I am D. J. Bernstein fan.

Entrant: milker

as yet unnamed

Huh. Didn't know descriptions were for the game entry. Erm this is a simple interactive short sci fi story. It has neat animated dialog boxes. It's somewhat funny. It could be better.

Entrant: devguy

Lunar Delivery

You work for the lunar parcel service. Deliver parcels on the end of your rope without destroying the parcel or your ship.

Entrant: bencoder

Who slides wins!

This is a Sliding Puzzle Game between you and your computer. Whoever is going to take least number of moves is declared the winner.
N-Puzzle as this is otherwise called, is one of the toy problems of Artificial Intelligence.So, you can watch your computer using certain heuristics to solve the puzzle.The whole game gets more interesting as, it all boils down to,whose heuristicsis better, your's or computer's.Better be yours, Good Luck! :-)
The default picture I have used is a bunch of wool "strings"! You got to fit it properly at the broken lengths.
The game has certain extensions already, like:
  • When you play daily, it can be set to download the National Geographic Photo of the Day as your N-Puzzle.
  • It is really a "N" Puzzle, so you and your computer can play 100x100 puzzle which is shuffled 100 times. But how long it might take for your computer to solve it, I can't say. (Drop me a line, if your supercomputer solves it in minutes)
This is my first entry to pyweek. I started off with my friends, but unfortunately we could not make it as a team entry. Perhaps next time, we would try as a team and come out with something more interesting.
Thanks for your interest so far and hope you like the game.
And a BIG THANK YOU TO RICHARD for organizing pyweek. I really learned a lot,the whole previous week.
"Who Slides Wins" blog:

Entrant: phoe6

Kite Story

Actually we both live in the wrong hemisphere for this kind of sleep deprivation, but we think it'd help with crunch time, and we believe in a round Earth.

Team: alex, biccy

Elite Bungie Chopper Squad

  • — Mac version of Bungie Chopper. Does not require Pyglet or avbin.
  • — Drive a helicopter with a gunner suspended by a bungie cord through a warzone full of enemy helicopters, airplanes, and turrets. Speed improvement from 0.52.
Drive a helicopter with a gunner suspended by a bungie cord through a warzone full of enemy helicopters, airplanes, and turrets.

KNOWN ISSUE: Game crashes when JIMMY (the final gunner is killed). Whoops.

SOLUTION: Become a master at the game, so that Jimmy never has to die. If you really must die, sacrifice the helicopter instead. Seriously, sorry about the error. It was a bug cause by a bug fix in the eleventh hour.

Team: irskep, sixthgear

Littlest Goddess

Our game is about a little goddess called Devika, shes lost her pet, help her find him in an atmospheric platform game.

Known issues: If the screen appears black, please run the game with '--noshaders'

The people of Cine-Science Logic are: Gord (engine coder) and ZeroByte (art, additional code)

Latest version (littlest goddess 1.1) can be found in the launchpad project page

Team: ZeroByte, gordallott


Ahh! missed 6 days! OK, I'll do a one-day game.

Entrant: scav

Roam Unbent, Heartfelt Nightsong

A text based graphical adventure game.

The game is fully playable; if you get stuck, it's possible you're not trying hard enough. If in doubt, file a bug report on

This game requires Python 2.5 and Pygame 1.7.

Team: jakob, Rkey, j-1

Final Cut

Our first pyweek entry. You have to cut the pieces of string to the right length before they disappear offscreen.

Team: Mat, cav