A full game

Shot The Hook

Garfio is lost in Liebana Caves. It have a mighty hook but a limited amount of strings. can he get to the exit?


The "Strong resemblance to certain item in a very popular series" award
Presented by saluk

"Dance a jig with your pants on fire" award
Presented by HanClinto

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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 3.2

2% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 46


File Uploader Date
Hook the Shoot
zhen 2008/09/13 23:05
A full game
zhen 2008/09/12 20:28
Strings and Blocks
zhen 2008/09/11 21:21
First String Thing
zhen 2008/09/10 19:16
zhen 2008/09/09 15:38

Diary Entries

First Day Report

I had a design. I think it before the challenge start, but I changed a bit. To make it more simple.

Today the programming started slowly. Now I have a debug console for the game, and a simple player sprite.

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Garfio can die

Today I get a level structure. The level data is inside a png, so it's easy to use GIMP as a level editor.

Also the player can die if he walk outside the main road.

Tomorrow I want to add shooting (the string thing) and two or three gameplay elements (barriers, jump points and level-exit tile)


First String Thing

Garfio can shot string things! Tomorrow I'll gameplay elements to hook the string in.

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Near the end

Today I added string bridges to cross over magma and blocks than can be pulled with the hook.

Tomorrow I'll add the level-exit tile and several levels and the life/string counters. And I a have time, I'll add some monster. And, That's all. I 'll have the last day for polish, music and put on a menu screen.

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Almost Done!!

Well, it's almost done. All the gameplay is in the game, and only need little polish.

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Final Entry of "Hook the Shoot"

Hook the Shoot is done.

Well. I got it. I finalize the game. And it has almost all the thinks than I imagine the first day. (well, all of them but the bats)

Today I worked on sound effects and, several levels. The final game has 5 levels, with the first ones used as tutorials. Also the screens between levels are simple but pretty good.

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