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This will be my first entry in PyWeek. I expect to lose, and to have a great time doing it!


Suicidal Ants award
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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 1.8
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 2.8

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Peristarkawan 2008/09/14 22:24
Final submission
Peristarkawan 2008/09/14 22:18

Diary Entries

My game

The way my game is shaping up, it's going to be a Lemmings-style game, with ants trying to cross a chasm over strings that are placed by the player. The available strings are limited in length and number, forcing the player to carefully choose a combination of routes between the pre-placed posts in order to lose as few ants to the chasm as possible. As an added complication, overloaded strings will break.

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Well, it turns out that one week isn't long enough for me to finish a game by myself when I have to work four days of that week. Much of the gameplay is unfinished, but I've uploaded what I have to give an idea of it would have been like. There are no pegs pre-placed to tie strings between as there should be, but in this development version, pegs can be created arbitrarily by right-clicking. Ultimately, there would be a limited number of strings of different types and lengths available in the bottom toolbar, but that also hasn't been implemented yet.

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