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Plectrum Infinitum

A virtual autoharp simulator. Rock out like your grandma!


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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.6

13% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 20


File Uploader Date
Help Screen
ajhager 2008/09/14 02:02
Final entry for Plectrum Infinitum.
ajhager 2008/09/14 01:40
This is the start of the help screen but shows all features in Play mode.
ajhager 2008/09/13 05:49
Rocking out in play mode!
ajhager 2008/09/11 06:03
Title Screen
ajhager 2008/09/10 07:45
No longer just a mockup.
ajhager 2008/09/09 16:27
First attempt at non-programmer art.
ajhager 2008/09/09 02:41

Diary Entries

The Sweet Sound of Progress

I knew when I first saw the theme that I wanted to do something with music. I've spent the first two days experimenting with sound synthesis, physics, and prototypes. I finally have something that would be worth looking at and listening to. I hope everyone loves folk music!

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Working Prototype

In the last entry I basically just had an idea and a mockup. Now I have a fully working virtual chromatic autoharp with 36 dynamic strings and 15 chord bars. At this point its really a lot of fun as it is. I can't want until the next phase gets underway.

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Steady Progress

Things are going well. I've created a menu system, perfected the strumming code, resolved some usability issues, and finalized the feature list. It looks like I will actually have time to create a level progression this time (which really hurt my last pyweek entry). Overall I'm pretty excited. Rock out!

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Goal in sight

Today I finished all the practical aspects of the game. Play mode works finally (figuring out timings for note spawns and strums was tricky) and jam mode feels good. I'd like to make charting out songs easier but for now good ol' vim and patience is doing just fine. From here on I'll be polishing everything up as much as possible before time expires. If it all works out, I will have time to implement a few more features I have in mind.


Feature Complete

I am now 100% feature complete. Thanks to the help of ldleworker, I have been able to keep up with multiplatform testing and should be bug free on at least xp and ubuntu. I think yesterday was do or die for a lot of people; it sure was for me. I decided to take as much sleep as my body needed and it really paid off. Until the bell rings I am going to get as many songs charted as possible.

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