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Kiko The Circus Hero

The idea for the game was experiment with diferent rope physics: equilibrium, lazoo, launch a hook, etc. Halas, no time for too much physics plus base engine in pygame.
Anyway, Im happy of being at pyweek

Shame on me !!
The screen telling the keys mention 'z' and 'x' for equilibrium when it must read 'z' and 'c'
Linux - Mac slowness problem:
In Linux and Mac the game is running
too slow, theres a one line fix for this:
in kiko/base.py , near the begining, replace the line
time_service = time.clock
time_service = time.time


Best Balance
Presented by saluk

Mr. Do Award
Presented by myke

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.2
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 2.9

3% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 30


File Uploader Date
final entry
claxo 2008/09/14 10:53
claxo 2008/09/14 09:23
level 1 snapshot
claxo 2008/09/12 19:20

Diary Entries

day 1 for mdog team

The game got name: 'Kiko the circus hero' and tentative descriptions for ten levels.
Silly history, done.
Main character got draw, no animation.
Done SplashScreen: 1st aproximation
Done 1st level sketch, partially coded to experiment. No physics to the moment.
Partially done : animation infraestructure.

It fells slow.
Tomorrow must get more speed.

Some Cool pyweek messages I read: the animator editor ( uber cool!), all the presentation of animations, the idea of an 'ant-lemmings' over strings game.

Played some UT to relax. And walk.
Time to sleep.
God night and god work tomorrow / today for all!!

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Cuack! Need Time !!!

day2 and 3:
game loop, levels state basics done.
freeze and running step by step implemented

day 4: finally the basic gameloop, time services, and level
container is in order. Can freeze and do step by step.
Main Character redrawed, an draw some but not all animations for him.
Code for playing animations near finished.

Ideas for 13+ levels, but I fear...

Cuack! Need Time !!!

### plan: concentrate in the minimun to have at least some levels playables.
To h*** with niceties. Fast and dirty. Go Go Go!!!

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doubleweek proposal !!!

What if:
. at deadline for pyweek each entry can opt between 'pyweek candidate' and 'lateweek' candidate

. Judging for pyweek goes as normal, but voting is limited to 'pyweek candidates' (pyweek award)

. 2nd deadline one week later than 1st deadline, voting over 'lateweek candidates' (lateweek award)

. optionally 'pyweek candidates' are allowed to entry for the a 'doubleweek award' , for upgraded games that want to present

The questions are:
. Can Richard take the extra work ?
. Is there enough people interested ?

For this to happen, I think an early as possible anounce is needed, so I ask people interested to do a +1 vote in the thread, and I suggest that details can be worked after the 1st deadline.

@Richard: first, sorry for the too sudden proposal. second: If you cant, you cant, I understand you dont have any obligation. third: if not happens now, probably it will not happen forever ( piggy awards ?).



RICHARD: unmarked ?

I uploaded from the web page, using Opera browser. I doble checked that the 'final submision' was checked, but... The file shows in the entries list but its the only that not have the 'not rated' in the titlebar.
And there is not the phrase ..'final entry...'
Can you help ?


Kiko - fix too slow in Linux - Mac

The game Kiko runs too slow on Linux and Mac, due to a bad selection of time provider.
A workaround for this requires only a one line change:
in kiko/base.py, near the begining, change the line
time_service = time.clock
time_service = time.time

Bug reports and comments wellcomed.
(thanks Zero|Byte from #pyweek for testing)

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Kiko postcompo comments

I liked to be in pyweek7, and, for the so small part of gameplay that got implemented, I feel that I scored high than expected.
Thanks all for playing the game and give feedback, I really apreciate the comments.

@Saluk: it took me a moment to catch your award, but then LOL & LOL, thanks.

On the feedback received:

5 too slow to play: that was a windows - (linux/mac) compatibility problem.
After riq reported this, I got ZeroByte on #pyweek to test a one line workaround. It worked, the fix was added in the entries page and published in the thread http://www.pyweek.org/d/2167/ , also in the in the 'all games, minibugs, minitips' thread .Anyway, my fault, sorry. ( thanks riq , ZeroByte !!!)

dificulty: 1 too easy , 5 ok, 2 too hard , no explicit on this the rest, so probably it feels acceptable for them.
I wonder if the 'too hard' have been mislead by the screen teeling the keys for balance were 'z' and 'x' when really they were 'z' and 'c'. When noticed this I warned in the entries page, in the 'all games, minibugs, minitips' thread and it was mentioned in some thread with no usefull subject. Anyway, sorry.
All in all, seeing the numbers, I think it is in the ballpark.

crashes: 1 lot of crashes, 1 game quits when too much deaths : No clue about this. I will we glad to know more details about this (OS, pygame version, sdl version, traceback if any, does it happen if you disable music in kiko_play.py? )

likeness: 18 over 25 ( left out those with the slow problem) liked what was done. Glad to hear this.

extension: more needs to be done. Yes, I run out of time.
I intend to cleanup a little the code, then extend to near 10-13 levels, with other rope mechanics ( lazoo, launch a hook, mini phys puzzles to solve with the rope, etc) for variety. The first milestone will be 'all diferent mechanics working', leaving the pimping of animations and levels for a second milestone.
I will post here a postcompo version, and anounce at pygame.

Specific bits:
..."should really be unicycling over those tightropes I think!" -> hey, thats cute, and can solve the meter problem. No promises, but I will think about that.

..."When playing the game too much focus is placed on watching the meter, leading to a game of watch the meter." -> yes, I was worried about this. Should try other aproachs to give feedback about equilibrium, and pick the best.

..."The balance thing also felt quite poor when being controlled with a keyboard, it felt as if there wasn't any dynamics to it. Maybe the balance system would be better if it was controlled using the mouse and the balance indicator is integrated into the character instead of as a separate HUD element." -> I liked the pushy feeling of balance with keyboard. At first look mouse + kbd seems complicated, but I will think about that.

..."after getting it, I liked the "balancing" system, it is innovative." -> thanks !

Congratulations to all the people that managed to submit an entry, and to the winners, of course !!!

See all!

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