Who slides wins!

This is a Sliding Puzzle Game between you and your computer. Whoever is going to take least number of moves is declared the winner.
N-Puzzle as this is otherwise called, is one of the toy problems of Artificial Intelligence.So, you can watch your computer using certain heuristics to solve the puzzle.The whole game gets more interesting as, it all boils down to,whose heuristicsis better, your's or computer's.Better be yours, Good Luck! :-)
The default picture I have used is a bunch of wool "strings"! You got to fit it properly at the broken lengths.
The game has certain extensions already, like:
  • When you play daily, it can be set to download the National Geographic Photo of the Day as your N-Puzzle.
  • It is really a "N" Puzzle, so you and your computer can play 100x100 puzzle which is shuffled 100 times. But how long it might take for your computer to solve it, I can't say. (Drop me a line, if your supercomputer solves it in minutes)
This is my first entry to pyweek. I started off with my friends, but unfortunately we could not make it as a team entry. Perhaps next time, we would try as a team and come out with something more interesting.
Thanks for your interest so far and hope you like the game.
And a BIG THANK YOU TO RICHARD for organizing pyweek. I really learned a lot,the whole previous week.
"Who Slides Wins" blog:


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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 2.0
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 2.0

19% respondents marked the game as not working.
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Who Slides Wins! Final Entry for pyweek #7
phoe6 2008/09/14 22:17
Who Slides wins! v0.1
phoe6 2008/09/14 19:18
phoe6 2008/09/14 19:17

Diary Entries

Who slides wins!

We have a "Who Slides Wins" entry blog at .
We termed it as pygame-trials, because it is our first entry for a pyweek challenge and intial trials with pygame.
We have decided upon a simple sliding game. But a two player one! :) The computer and you slide on the random NxN jumbled picture and whoever slides in the less number of moves, wins the game.

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The final entry works only for Linux. I have uploaded the WINDOWS version here:
I figured out that I used SIGNAL call in the game to make it bit robust, only to realize it wont work on Windows. Sorry for that. If you wish to try on Windows, use the above link.