Days of Tsunami

Race the seas of the world looking for fame and money!

Known bug: the game gets slower after each race. If you quit and restart everything works fine, and your score is kept. Sorry, didn't caught that during testing :)


Most Insane Fish
Presented by saluk

Agua Viva Award
Presented by alecu

Best submarine with substrings game!!
Presented by riq

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 3.8

10% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 26


File Uploader Date
dmoisset 2008/09/14 20:49
Final release
dmoisset 2008/09/14 20:16
We all live on a yellow submarine... (a shape editor!)
dmoisset 2008/09/09 14:29

Diary Entries

Having tea in a break

And, by the way, enjoying something cooked at home :D


We couldn't be less for dinner...

So we cooked some homemade lasagna... :D


Looking for a good name...

How would you call a submarine racing game?

If you are curious about what kind of submarine racing game: is the obvious submarine racing game that springs to your mind when asked to do something about "the length of a piece of string".


The final crunch

Well, as I expected, we spent lots of time working on the custom physics engine.... ah, but what fun :)

Anyway, we just have the complete gameplay elements just tonight. I hope the gameplay turns out fun because we haven't had time to playtest it decently, and if it is boring, one day won't fix it :)

The big blocker issue now is AI opponents. They are hard to do, and I planned to devote more time to them but I couldn't... so they will suck. achuni is doing his best in this place

And there are lots of stuff still to do. Sounds, music, integrating the nice graphics instead of the programmer art; designing levels (luckily for this game, I think I can build a level and test it in about 45 minutes). A high score screen.

As always, lots of features were left behind: Powerups, different sub models, currents, etc.

So, time for the last crunch. Good luck everyone!

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Ok, we finally uploaded the game today, after a long night yesterday of final polish and tweaking levels... We went to sleep, and went into packaging today, more relaxed. So, yaya for the extra upload day!

However... we couldn't resist the temptation, and used 3 hours after the deadline to finish some stuff (tweaking levels, choosing nice backgrounds, and such). So we cheated a bit; feel free to disqualify us if you think this is against the spirit of the compo.

We actually delivered something with a big bug known: the game gets slower after each race. It seems to be a bug on cocos (some scheduled events are not detached, so the previous level keeps running when the new one enters); I will have to research this later.

Anyway, it was fun! I now have to get up to date with abandoned work; after that I am looking forward to play other entries.