Loading triangles and unloading squares.


The ultimate gondola shipping, shape sorting, barge unloading game of all time.

Get the right shapes to the right places to score. But be warned: there are only a limited number of islands to build on and longer cables are expensive! Sort wisely to minimize loss.


Flawless Production
Presented by adam

"Classic Gondola-Hopping Goodness" Award
Presented by HanClinto

Pledge Polish Award
Presented by gcewing

Sim Gondola recieves the official Maxis seal of approval
Presented by saluk

Girl From Ipanema Award
Presented by sjbrown

Best music!
Presented by ra

Pretty Little Automata
Presented by adam

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 4.1
Fun: 3.6
Production: 4.5
Innovation: 4.0

2% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 39


File Uploader Date
Gondola 1.0.2 Windows Binary
mmarshall 2008/09/13 23:26
Gondola 1.0.2 Linux Binary
mmarshall 2008/09/13 23:06
Gondola 1.0.2 source
mmarshall 2008/09/13 23:03
Lost shapes stats
joey101 2008/09/13 22:01
Using filters
joey101 2008/09/13 22:00
Barge unloading
joey101 2008/09/13 22:00
Loading triangles and unloading squares.
mmarshall 2008/09/13 04:41
Screenshot after day 3.
mmarshall 2008/09/10 03:13
The Main Menu as of day 3
joey101 2008/09/09 21:14
The result of day 2
joey101 2008/09/08 23:35
Now if only Gnome's screenshot feature didn't do so poorly with animation.
joey101 2008/09/08 01:23

Diary Entries

Art decisions for day one

First of all it's absolutely great to finally be able to participate in pyweek. All previous contests I was either moving or on a trip.

Today I tried three different methods of artwork. Painting, Blender and vector art. I finally decided on the vector as it was the easiest and least time consuming method to create quality artwork. The only downside is that it fails to look extraordinary and unique; but I guess that's the price I have to pay to get this done in a week.

Ugg... gnome's screenshot functionality needs work :P

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I love how we work

This is the first game that I haven't had to program the guts of. I get to happily design (and code) the UI and make pretty art work.

As on now (and it will probably stay like this) here is our main menu:

Main menu

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The joys of json

What I've discovered so far this week is that json is awesome. For everything. We have it as our map format and we have it for saving settings. With simplejson it is just pure awesomeness. Much easier than ini or any other format.

All the json elements convert strait to their python elements equivalent (thanks to javascript and python types having so much in common). I don't have to do any manual type converting from the settings file to python this way. Much better than any ini parsers I've seen.


Many thanks to PyWeek and Richard

I just want to express my gratitude for this contest; this past week as been a lot of fun. The "horrible" theme ended up being great because it gave us a completely new and original (to my knowledge) idea.

If it weren't for pyweek Matthew and I wouldn't have made this game and it's been something I've wanted to do for quite some time; A small game that can be done in a week that is actually finishable - and polishable.

So my thanks to Richard for setting this contest up. We've had a great time and I hope everyone else has too!


Gondola is done

Matthew and I will be gone tomorrow so we finished up our game today. It's uploaded and version 1.0 - Enjoy!

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