PyWeek - Arctic Paint: Gondola - feedback

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3 4 4

nice music & graphics.... nice idea too but more scenarios are needed.

5 4 3

so far, the game i spent the most time playing and i only have two left to rate. could use more feedback in the game to know how well you are doing. an ai opponent would be great.

4 5 4

A very nice overall package, good music and the gameplay is pretty nice too. The scrolling sometimes didn't work for me, wonder why. (I'm on two monitors?) Very good job!

4 5 5

Excellent game. The idea is very unusual and works great as a game, not to mention it's a great use of theme. The gameplay is quite relaxing, especially with the good-looking graphics and the nice relaxing music. This game is very well polished. I particularly liked how you managed to pick a somewhat strange idea (sorting packages with gondolas) and made it very interesting. One suggestion, a minimap would have helped a lot. Great job.

4 4 4

<p>A solid entry. I enjoyed the simple, rewarding gameplay, and watching my little red triangles go slowly into the right direction.

4 5 5

Absolutely beautiful game, and I had a lot of fun with the sorting. I liked the restrictions on
the sorting stations, and if I wanted to do "OR" gates, I had to be creative with multiple paths.
It was a fun restriction, and it was really fun to play with.

One gripe is that if the game is paused (setting up the paths initially), and you click on the
arrow to set the path preferences, the window won't come up until you un-pause the game.

All told though, amazing game, and it was really a lot of fun to play with. More levels, and
bronze/silver/gold scoring goals would be fantastic -- all told nicely done!!! I think one of
my favorite little touches is the bobbing shapes in the water -- those are just hilariously
cool. :) Definitely one of the best games in the contest.

5 5 5


5 5 4

Good work! With a little more development, this could be the next Desktop Tower Defense!

5 5 5

Excellent look. Extremely smooth. But my favorite part is the game mechanic. It took a little getting used to, but once I wrapped my head around it, I was hooked. It's not too challenging, but it makes you think. And it kept tempting me to find ways to optimize the network once I'd got it all laid out. Very clever!

2 5 3

Really nice looking! I thought the whole package was really well put together. It could have been a bit more challenging, I found resource management with really basic goals didn't hold up for long but overall this was a really strong entry.

4 5 4


3 5 4

The production value was quite high for this game, it ran smoothly, with nice interaction, etc. I enjoyed playing. Thanks.

4 4 4

Awesome game :) nice and relaxing

5 5 5

this is the best game i've played so far. for a one-week game this is incredibly polished and playable. good job!

1 1 1

facundo@pomcat:~/pyw7/yat/Gondola-1.0.2-src$ python
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 8, in <module>
from gamelib import main
File "/home/facundo/pyw7/yat/Gondola-1.0.2-src/gamelib/", line 21, in <module>
from gamelib.ui import UI
File "/home/facundo/pyw7/yat/Gondola-1.0.2-src/gamelib/", line 10, in <module>
import snowui
File "/home/facundo/pyw7/yat/Gondola-1.0.2-src/snowui/", line 31, in <module>
from main import GUI, Window, View
File "/home/facundo/pyw7/yat/Gondola-1.0.2-src/snowui/", line 10, in <module>
from snowui.widget import Widget
File "/home/facundo/pyw7/yat/Gondola-1.0.2-src/snowui/", line 28, in <module>
class Widget(rabbyt.Sprite):
File "/home/facundo/pyw7/yat/Gondola-1.0.2-src/snowui/", line 49, in Widget
__rx = rabbyt.anim_slot(0)
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'anim_slot'

4 4 4

Great idea and fun, nice music. Please make more maps. ;)

4 5 4

Very nice. The only criticism I have is that when my structures are all set up, I don't know what else to do besides wait to win.

2 4 3


2 4 5

It's too difficult or poor explained

4 5 4

Top notch production. Would have loved to have more awesome music. Very good game.

3 5 4

Neat idea, but a little confusing to actually control, and there seems to be some bugs in the user interface leaving partial connections lying around.

2 4 3

Nice visuals and animations.
Very nice music.

low on fun factor.
I think is a combination of:
. big map
. no real challenge . If you build one transporter in each island, you win.
. You see nothing new along the game.

what if:
. minimap. Not fun at scrooling too much
. first level : small, 2 or tree colors. Let all the help blobs be seen in the initial view for the level.
. gen levels:
make a gentle puzzle by combining:
different win conditions: make xxx money, deliver zz blues to yy
limit on number of tower to build
limit on rope available
special building allowed: 1 floating tower ?,...
no crosses allowed
max segment of rope
implicit time limits : a fumming volcano near a imprescindible tower will blow, so objetives involving that tower must be done before blow
or, you must buy towers and ropes, you need to plan your expansion to not be left without the gold needed...

The game has potential.

4 4 5

This is really good! I'm terrible at it though! I kept losing track of where everything was. (Is there a way to zoom in/out? either a zoom out button or a minimap would come in handy on large maps) I think it could benefit from having specific goals to work toward rather than simply aiming to maximize your score, but it's still pretty fun to play as it is. Nice job!

2 3 3

Fun to watch, not much fun to play. Interesting idea, though.

4 4 3

Fascinating game, playing it makes you call into assembly-line trance. It would be nice if you
were able to zoom out so as to plan your routes better,

4 4 4

nifty, very addictive game - good job :)

4 5 4

I love the smoothness of your scroll. Great idea, also. Quite difficult to master! :)

3 4 3

Nice concept, excellent graphics and sounds. But after I planned my distribution network there's not much to do but watch the crates come and go.

5 5 5

Overall wonderful job. I can see myself coming back to this one again and again. Thank you very much.

5 5 5

Just loved it.

2 4 4

Interesting concept. The game was hard to get into, though.

3 5 5

Very nice work! It was a bit slow to get into it, and needed a bit more feedback for a lot of things. Also, the first level after the tutorial is "barges" which weren't explained in the tutorial, so I felt a bit lost right away. I think an actual tutorial, telling you each step of what to do on some basic level, would be much better than what's there.

3 3 3 yes

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 9, in <module>
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/juegos/Gondola-1.0.2-src/gamelib/", line 394, in main
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/juegos/Gondola-1.0.2-src/gamelib/", line 357, in do_menu
AttributeError: 'Mixer' object has no attribute 'dispatch_events'

4 5 5

My favorite game!

4 5 4

Impressive achievement; being able to watch the behaviours of the cranes at each station is really neat, and the graphical style is pretty. Shame it doesn't have a little more longevity; it didn't take all that long before I felt I'd cracked all the levels.

4 5 4

Excellent work. Classic Transport Tycoon style music with innovative gameplay. Love it.

5 5 5

I adored this game. Amazing job in 1 week. Hopy you win :)

4 5 4

Really really great. I am very impressed. The only issue I noticed is that after playing for
some time it slowed down a lot and I have a fairly decent computer, so I don't think it's that.

4 5 3

Awesome game, was fun to play, but after i connected all the islands, there wasn't really any goal for me to achieve.

2 5 4

The little arms whirling around picking up and dropping crates are almost hypnotic. Personally not enough explosions to be fun.