Dominoes String Final Screen Shot

Dominoes String

I am Milker, here is my solo entry for PyWeek#7
I am D. J. Bernstein fan.


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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.7
Production: 2.6
Innovation: 3.0

10% respondents marked the game as not working.
0% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 25


File Uploader Date
Dominoes String Final Screen Shot
milker 2008/09/13 19:50
Final Dominoes String
milker 2008/09/13 19:46
DominoeString version 0.3
milker 2008/09/13 17:54
DominoeString version 0.2
milker 2008/09/13 04:38
milker 2008/09/12 17:40
Dominoes Screen Shot (Commit)
milker 2008/09/12 04:13
Dominoes Screen Shot (Moving)
milker 2008/09/12 00:11
Dominoes Screen Shot (String Solution)
milker 2008/09/09 18:25
Dominoes Screen Shot (String)
milker 2008/09/09 17:39
Dominoes Screen Shot
milker 2008/09/09 11:33
milker 2008/09/09 02:18

Diary Entries

Hi, EveryBody

I am back!!!

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I don't using Dancing Block's Library

Here is my Old game -- Dancing Block.
I shouldn't use it's library in new Game.
I will write a flash game for blocks.

God bless me :!@@!:

Dancing Block's Project Home:

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Here is my WarmUp#7

Project Home: Dancing Jumping Blocks
It don't for play now.
It just a warm up.

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My idea: dominoes

Hi everybody:

I want to write a dominoes game.
I hope that, it is good for theme title.

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My First Screen Shot (double-six)

They are double-six.

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Dominoe and String.

I like solo game.

Player put their blocks to the string line.
Computer will checker:
How many string is complete in limit time.

P.S. Now Just the screenshot, Not have code.
Solution: 4-4 4-6 6-6 6-5 or 5-6 6-6 6-4 4-4

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I am tired

I don't have enough time to complete the game.

God bless me!!!


We can fix it.

Wow, God bless me. I can fix it !!

You can fix it !!
We can fix it !!

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Dominoes String v0.1 release

You can download in my entry's files list.

Thank you for your download.

Can Play !!!


Dominoes String v0.2 release.

This is v2.0 release.

I hope that,
I have time todo v0.3 release.


Dominoes String v0.3 release.

If I haven't time to release v0.4,
then v0.3 is *#Final#* .

:richard@ Can I use firefox to upload the final ?!

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Happy in The Moon Festival

In Chinese. People will coming around near the table at home dinner.

(on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month) ---- Today.


Dominoe and String Final

The Dominoe and String is Final !!

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Have Anyone Complete my game ?

Can you give me some comment ??

Thank you.


Tip of Tip ( A and B )


In my game. you can see a tip in the screen top.
What about it ?!

level one Tip: a == b
solution like this: 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5

level two Tip: ( a == b + 2 or b == a + 2 )
solution like this: 1-2 4-5 3-1 3-6

level three Tip: ( a + b == 5 or a + b == 10 )
solution like this: 1-2 3-0 5-4 6-2

level four Tip: ( a == b * 2 or b == a * 2)
solution like this: 1-2 4-3 6-1 2-5

Have you any interesting suggest about level five ??

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I am back!

Hi, everyboy:

I am back.

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