Dominoes String v0.1 release

You can download in my entry's files list.

Thank you for your download.

Can Play !!!

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Great job getting an entry submitted!

If this is a final version, don't forget to mark it as a final entry so that it can be used for judging.

The puzzles seem to only be solvable one way - I solved it but it wouldn't let me commit, but if I flipped all of the dominoes upside down it let me finish. You should fix this bug.
:saluk@ I am sorry.
I haven't instruction about the game now.
Please wait....

:HanClinto@ This isn't a final version.
Thank you for your care :>
How do I play your game? Dominoes??
I am sorry. In my game haven't good doc,
because my english isn't good enough.

First dominoes list Poker, that have many way to play. Please see Dominoes Wiki and Dominoes Games

Maybe you can redesign another game rules for dominoes.

In my game. you just simple to put you dominoes to center holder,
follow the tip on the top of screen.

What about the tips ? Please see THIS.
Game Goal:
To describe it simply, the goal of the Dominoes game is to fill all of the top empty domino spaces with domino tiles that fulfill the requirements of the level -- whether it's "a == b" or "a == b * 2" or "a + b = 5" or whatever.

Drag the domino tiles from the bottom of the screen into the empty slots at the top. When you think that the chain of dominoes is valid for the requirements of the level, then click the "commit" button. If you need a new puzzle, click "regenerate".