PyWeek 30 challenge: “Castaway”

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this is my first ever game jam lets see how far i will go before i give up lol

Entrant: Codesiltate


I am a decent coder who did python for 3 months then took a break and looking to get back in. I will probably start of slow but will learn more as time goes by.

Team: SenatorF, M1nordragon  (Join this team?)

Scotch Games

We are here to have fun and do our best.

Team: ano002, NufNuf


We are not epic at this but this seems fun.

Team: MasterDhruv, hzia, abha  (Join this team?)


Here is the team of newbies who never created game. We all have python experience of more than 1 year. Let's see what we can create and present.

Entrant: Master


Hey! we are the private team Elite-Ra!
A bunch of amateur programmers doing our first PyWeek!

Team: AyushCodez, pjrMakesPyGames, Xperior28, Kartesian


The Members of the group are highschool students who want to improve their python skills apart from the obvious motive of having fun making a game. If you want to join, feel free to send us a request! Ping me [Volt#4465] on discord for any help or queries.

Team: Maxi25, _Harish_, volt9801, sachin_coder, Earl, Tushavi, klloswaha, Awersli99  (Join this team?)


Entrant: sarzz

Game The Game

Will attempt to make very pog game will but prob fail lmao

Team: HuggyDaBuggy, HackyGamer


Probably a very small entry (if I manage one at all - work is very busy).

Gotta love PyWeek, one of the gems of the Python community.

Entrant: ntoll


This is my first time participating in PyWeek. I have been a developer for 7 years, and am on my last year of my master.
I am very excited to try this out and see what other people come up with!

I wish everybody the best of luck!

DISCORD: Plutto#9311

Entrant: pluttodk


# Who are we?
We're *ClicksMinutePer*, a small team of developers making cool stuff (we think it's cool ok) ok the internet. Our main pastimes are playing around with discord bots and tearing our hair out at the  ~̶d̶e̶b̶u̶g̶g̶e̶r̶~̶  print statements trying to diagnose the issue.

# Why does your URL say DragDev?
CMP Shut

# What are our ideas for the competition?
Our ideas are what they always are: bad. In all seriousness though, we will probably end up making a discord bot- that's what we know how to do best. Unless the theme turns out to be something like "first person shooter". We find that first person shooters generally don't work the best on discord.

# Will you be editing this page throughout the competition?
If I feel like it.

# Can I join?

# How can we contact you?
At the moment the best way is probably through our [discord server](, or in our discord DMs at *Minion3665#6456*, *TheCodedProf#2583*, *PineappleFan#9955* or *eek#4015*. If you need a slower response we also have email (**). If you want to never get answered, we'd suggest our github issue trackers.

> Thanks for looking at our page, and may the best team win, and may we come second!
> Good luck 🎉

Team: Minion3665, EEKIM10, PineappleFan, the_froggie, TheCodedProf


I am a starter python programmer who joined the python discord not a while ago and want to try out this contest for the first time :)

I have never built a game but this will be fun to try. From trying out at this contest I am hoping to learn and try expressing some creativity.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason the only place I check is discord:


I am also looking for another developer to join me. Beware, I am still a starter programmer.

Have fun everyone! :D

Entrant: M1nordragon  (Join this team?)

La Isla Finita


I want to make a game where the player has very little control.

Each action makes things worst.

The state of the island will change over time and actions of the player.

AI of my castaway is going to be something like FSM.

It's my second game jam. The first game is available here:

Entrant: VV0JCIECH


>>> _

Entrant: Springlee  (Join this team?)


This team is created for me and my friend. We are the first time on this competition, so wish us good luck)

Team: BogdanG, DanielP


I can edit this later, right?

Team: sachin, m_cht, sexypistol, fisher, NMarco, patryk-tech, GelamiSalami, pushfoo, Akarys


We are Team Terrible, a team of 3 teenagers who are all terrible at Python. This is our first coding competition, and we are excited to share our skills with the rest of the Python community. Happy Coding! Yeah that was cringe ngl lol.

Team: LargAnk, Yourself, LiFeng


Hello, there! I am a rather new game dev from India trying to make actually good games, so i thought that taking part in a game jam would help me. 

I'd really appreciate if you join our team! :)

Entrant: BrawlyX  (Join this team?)


I don't know what goes here

Team: asleepcult, Anubhav  (Join this team?)


First time in a gamejam/hackaton. First time making a game too, so it'll be fun trying to make something different and probably challenging too.

Entrant: Miskit


Entrant: bsenst  (Join this team?)


Hello, this is my first time on pyweek and the first game jam ever.

I use the pygame library and I love make 2D stuff!

This competition seems to be funny, so let's try to make some good stuff!

Entrant: Proiz


One man team, one man who knows nothing of graphics.

Entrant: gigie

Dunder Mifflin

We're a team of 5 coders :)

Framework: PyGame

If you want to know more about our team, watch our training video on youtube:

Team: jimthejelly, Taganov, Nikola, fury, Imperfect_One


Team from learning python discord.

Team: danielS, Chensel, read_code  (Join this team?)


Entrant: Vinni83


all our team names are terrible ;-;

Team: DevepCoder, Highfire1, bucklar, PythonNerd69

Failing Our Way to Victory

I'm here to challenge myself to up my knowledge of Python. Also, to be able to say I made a game.

Entrant: thepuppet33r  (Join this team?)



Entrant: Tee


Let's see how this ends.

Entrant: RicBin



Team: DR0ID, gummbum  (Join this team?)


We are newish to python and are looking for people that are willing to learn and have fun.

Team: daJerryMouse, Rozzledred, Fazootle, Yash, Quagsickle, InfiniteSocks

Polygons not showing on startup fixed

We are student. Myself from village area

Team: archit_101999, lulwa, amanbeer899


Entrant: Killua753


hi. i'm a relatively recent developper in python that's currently working on a danmaku, a discord card game bot and a 2d platformer. though i have yet to have any finished project up my belt, i'm progressing i would say fairly quickly due to my background in algorithm logic and a quite acceptable knowledge of game design if i may.

if anyone was to want to join me, i see no reason to not work in groups, and am open to anyone with enough knowladge to be just aware of what they are doing. though if i had to say what kind of skills i may need to fill up my skill holes, it would probably art.

you can contact me on discord as akasaka#8954.

Entrant: akasaka-kun  (Join this team?)


Entrant: speedlimit35

No Name Yet

This is our first time participating in a game jam and we are novice programmers. We hope to improve our coding skills a bit and learn new things about game designing. Look forward to competing with other contestants.

Discord - Arcane#0033, SpongeBob SquareNuts #2636, Zeus Sama #0001, Hirako #9834,Shisu Senpai #7614

Team: Arcane, Bhaskar, Hirako, ZeusSama, ShisuSenpai23

Sergi Jimeno


Entrant: Sergi


Entrant: jlw


We're new to pygame.

We will learn to make a game in this pyweek.

Bro fist.

Team: Simp1, Simp2  (Join this team?)

TD game

Tower defense game.

I know that doesn't make sense I'll explain when I finish.

Entrant: OrionDark7

2020 Covid is bad

Covid is bad. Now I write game for first time. This game will be best and worst game I write. Hope you ready. I am the man without a plan. The original uncooked bacon - prepare your toes for this tingly sensation.

Entrant: gebadia


PyWeek! Yay!

Entrant: mit-mit


I am JoeMan and I am new to pygame...

Entrant: JoeMan


Bunch of newbies from BUET.

Team: swargo98, Mashiat, booggiewho, Ruhan98

Family Fun

Father and son team.

Team: dowski, wooster

Happy Puppy

Me, my wife and my daughter are going to participate in our first PyWeek. Hope to come up with something good!

Team: emilio81, mechix, megagamer08


Im petr, 16 years old. I live in the Netherlands where I still go to school. Started doing programming about 2 years ago, and Im still doing it like a hobby. 

Entrant: petr

sick game or something idk

Well we´ll just try I guess

Team: coffee, Heuser, Lenzgolo

Castaway Survivor

a sandbox survival game as a castaway ig

Entrant: chrisyan2000


A man with a laptop

Entrant: jasonhinds13

Programmer people

I'm not too experienced, but have a pretty good idea of how to do stuff. Not going to win, but certainly gain experience and have a good time!

Entrant: Latkecrszy  (Join this team?)

Untitled Princess Carolyn Project

It has been a while...

I have had to do a lot of studying, C++ coding and report writing, but it seems I might finally have time for Pyweek again. I'm looking forward to working on a complete project for a change. No extensive use of maths libraries ... hahaha. It remains to be seen how ambitious this attempt will be. That probably depends on the theme.

Entrant: HipetyHopit


print('Get ready to have a bad time!')
while True:
print('PK FIRE!')

Team: gg_itsme, AcousticPal


Entrant: pYtato

Virtual State

Lets Do it!!

Entrant: Alex_Zorakin

Page not found


Entrant: Zuzu_Typ

Team Maple

We Are Team Maple

Lead by Maple Maelstrom

This is a private team that is made by and for Canadians.

I am Maple Maelstrom, leader of team Maple. I am 16 years old, soon to be 17. I have coded since grade 5, but only started using python last year for my grade 11 computer science course. There I created my first game that was 100% my own, using pygame. Since then, I have loved the python coding language.

If you are Canadian and wish to join us, DM me on discord. My tag is @Maple Maelstrom#2689, but if that doesn't work, look in the official python discord server for someone with a similar tag (Maple Maelstrom should usually be my name though). I don't expect the best people, I really just wanna have fun.

Team: MapleMaelstrom, Amatol, ThisIsanAlt, Toastz


Entrant: Yoiro



Entrant: zaffre


Doing pyweek again

Entrant: saluk

Baby Unicorp

May or may not be a team of multiple living forms, guess it depends again on teammate trustability, once again.

By the way, still learning but at least with more knowledge this time.

Entrant: Xyolidge


Our creative teamname is indeed that gamemode in CSGO.

There's two people in this team, and we're entering out first ever game jam.

We're open to anyone joining as long as they have discord ( is the server link) and can bring something to the table.

Entrant: Wingman  (Join this team?)


Hello, we are Team PythonixCoders!  During Pyweek29, we created Butterfly Destroyers and won the Team category.  Play it at  We are returning for PyWeek 30!

Team: bukmano88, tamwile, MysteryCoder456, jtiai, Vestergurkan, Xarfin

Untitled MASA Game

The inaugural entry from the Melbourne Aeronautic and Space Agency (mostly we're just a bunch of space video game enthusiasts).

Team: richard, AnthonyB, candeira, thetrav, hartror, Fibration

Razorvale Isle

I am building a browser game using Brython for the game logic and for the game engine.

Entrant: Quikli


I have started developing in Python a few months ago and really like the languages simplicity.
I used Pygame for a few smaller games now and really liked the engine so I will stick to it for this game-jam and
I hope to set my games focus not on graphics (my art skills are very limited), but rather have a nice mechanic that keeps the game joy up.

If someone wants to join my team, I want to warn you that I probably cant spend too much time (maybe like 10-15 hours) in the jams week, but I would really appreciate teaming up with you. (Just send a request)


Team: isharm, _rasKa  (Join this team?)


I don't know what I am getting myself into

Entrant: Plumbob

Kool Kid

Hello there random person on the interweb!

I'm new to game-making in python and thought i would give this competition a shot. 

Don't expect much from me though.

Entrant: NarwhalFanatic


I'm a beginner programmer looking for a challenge, so that's why I'm entering the Python Game Jam, to lear and up my game. Looking forward to this event.

Entrant: SimiBoi

Elite GaMeRs

This is my first game jam, I am new to python and hope this game jam will help me improve

Entrant: EPLpablo  (Join this team?)


zomg cute in space

Team: rdb, fireclaw, zwerver, tizilogic, Moguri


Entrant: Taganov

Unnamed Jam Game

Me, an individual will be competing in PyWeek 30 for the first time! Good luck!

Entrant: AncientEntity


First time I'll be doing a game jam, wish me luck :)

Entrant: Ilia

Just Keep Swimming

A small team that is relatively new to python, and is hoping to earn more python

Team: Ishes, Boxerlinc42


here we go

Entrant: notmario


Smooth brain bois

Team: arancini97, aka, AgentLucus


This is my first game jam.

Entrant: Gaming32



Entrant: PrimeEpoch


I am new to pyweek. I have made quite a few 2d games with pygame so I am pretty familiar with it. Open to requests to join.

Sorry about the discord link not working. I fixed it and it should work now.

Team: junefish, bung, Tucan444, TURYAM, whywhyy  (Join this team?)


I'm here for the first time soo hopefully I don't mess it up haha.

Entrant: Riedler


Let's see if we can make something

Entrant: BlacksmithOP  (Join this team?)

Challenger Cool Coding

Challenger students only. Don't join if you do not go to challenger.

Team: Krioz, Hcrzy92  (Join this team?)


My first game jam! I hope I know enough about PyGame to do this. Good luck to everyone! I'm sure this will be a great learning experience. 

Entrant: STG996


Hello! I'm a beginner at python, I started using it to build a server and a recommendation algorithm for my fyp. I joined the python discord and found about pyweek and here I am! I've never made a game, neither have I collaborated on project before. Anyone regardless of skill level is welcome to join as I'm mostly looking to have fun, meet new people and collaborate on our game.

Entrant: TopMost  (Join this team?)


Yo, I'm Iluka, and this is my first PyWeek and my 2nd overall game jam! I'm new to Python but I hope this will really challenge me and allow me to increase my skills! glhf everyone B)

Entrant: ilukasaurus


We are here to slay bugs and make pull requests.

Team: n0remac, 64-Bit, the-argus, freeqaz, RogueRaccoon


Entrant: s10te