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A losing theme? No. It was a necessary theme. We dare argue that it was even more important than the official theme of PyWeek 30. So we trapped you, the player, on an island of goats. Now that you are a castaway without means of survival, you have no choice but to play this goat-packed game.

As an added bonus, can you figure out what the shape of the island is?


The Stubborn Goat Award for Incorporating a Losing Theme
Presented by rdb

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2.1
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 2.3

22% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 7


File Uploader Date
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patryk-tech 2020/09/27 17:18
Goatforsaken 1.0
patryk-tech 2020/09/27 17:02
Final Goats Submission!
patryk-tech 2020/09/27 17:01

Diary Entries

What Day 1 Looked Like

Due to our time zone differences, we had to start eight hours after the theme was released. Though, that gave each one of us to think about what the game could be. (However I imagine most of us were thinking about how we could shoehorn goats into our game.)

After a fruitful discussion, we had a bunch of different ideas piled up in our meeting minutes. We drew inspiration from a wide variety of different games (whilst being careful as to not plagiarize), and thought about how we could construct a narrative that was consistent with the theme and gameplay mechanic (and goats). Most importantly, we figured out the name of our game: Goatforsaken.

We did it. The goats are in our game; the hard part is over.

Out GitLab repository was set up and the work on our game that we were so excited about had begun.GitLab Work Board

(obviously, there are more than what is shown in the picture.)

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We Got Half The Time Left (Part I)

We got a pretty rough idea of what our game should look like.A Democratic Decision

And that probably isn't a good thing when we got half the time left. One of our leaders, Fisher, had just finished his major exam (congrats!!), and got caught up with what his happening. He put his leadership into good use and had us organized back into place.

It started with extensive wiki writing.

Extensive Wiki Writing

(again, there's obviously more than what is in the picture)

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We Got Half The Time Left! (Part II)

Our beloved NMarco had been working on the character motion animation, which is essential to a polished game.

Walking Animation Prototype

Our other beloved, Pushfoo, engaged in further discussion on some potential gameplay mechanics, and had put together on a text mock-up of our video game.

A Text Mock-up

An active member of ours, Sachin, alongside with the help of SexyPistol, produced a loading screen, T&S view and the game menu.T&S View(the picture in the background is a placeholder)

WIP Menu Screen

(still a work in progress)

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We Got Half The Time Left! (Part III)

On the backend of things, patryk-tech had worked out the Websocket authentication, which is "not so simple when your client is not a web browser" (quoting him). He also added ngix and some production details to the back-end.

No, this is Patryk.(according to patryk-tech, these are all internal network addresses and disposable passwords specifically chosen to be shared)

And an authentication view, made by yours truly:

Authentication View(if you are wondering why there is "Confim Password" in the login screen, it was to test the responsiveness of the forms.)

Yes, the authentication view is made to be responsive. As you can imagine, coding the other UI features (with the arcade library) will be a breeze!

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And, done!

We had some very ambitious plans, our work was scattered, and kind of chaotic, so we had to strip and replace a lot of features, and ended up with a .... Goat Clicker :D

It is pretty fun to play (though I may have developed carpal tunnel syndrome over the last few days).

It could use some polish, we didn't have time to animate the goats properly, and the click-detection is tile-based; could definitely use an improvement to using proper detection. Sometimes the goats will not be where you think.

Also, not all of the ones that are not moving are idle - sometimes, they are just stuck lol! You can change the `` file to click not-idle ones, and you will find the game easier.

Big thanks to my teammates. Sorry I suck at the whole leadership thing...

Some really fine competition in this event, so I don't really expect us to win, but hopefully you will find the game enjoyable and it makes you laugh. It was fun (and stressful) to make, and we all learned a lot.

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