PyWeek - Attribute Terror - feedback

Fun 3 Prod 3 Inno 3


I liked the music in this! I would have loved a better indication of which goats were "idle". Some goats were not moving but could still not be appeased.

Fun 2 Prod 4 Inno 4


cool game.nervous clicking.

Fun 2 Prod 2 Inno 1


It is not clear what is going on. Game does not work smooth. Some goats do not react on clicks.

Fun 2 Prod 2 Inno 2


It's a new spin on "idle clicker" – you only click the idle ones!

Did not work


I couldn't get scipy compiled because I don't have a Fortran compiler. However, I discovered that you were pulling in this beast of a dependency only for a single constant! So that was easy to work past, fortunately. ;-)

What wasn't easy to work past was that the text was literally unreadably small. Clicking random button-looking things got me into the game, but it ran unplayably slow, presumably because the screen was filled with goats. The button-looking things in the top left and top right corner did nothing. Since I presume that isn't supposed to happen I'm going to mark this as DNW.

Fun 1 Prod 2 Inno 1


It mostly works. I could move around and click on goats. About half the clicks were recognized. You drew a few sprites and an awesome title screen. Good job.

Fun 3 Prod 4 Inno 3


Some ambitious ideas.

Fun 2 Prod 2 Inno 2


Most goats seemed to be unclickable, animations weren't very smooth, felt like there were framerate issue but I didn't check.

Did not work


Following the steps in the readme and running python -m goatforsaken results in
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/python3.8/", line 193, in _run_module_as_main
return _run_code(code, main_globals, None,
File "/usr/lib/python3.8/", line 86, in _run_code
exec(code, run_globals)
File "/home/username/Downloads/pyweek/goatforsaken/goatforsaken/", line 5, in <module>
import arcade
File "/home/username/Downloads/pyweek/pyweek/src/arcade/arcade/", line 242, in <module>
from .tilemap import get_tilemap_layer
File "/home/username/Downloads/pyweek/pyweek/src/arcade/arcade/", line 169, in <module>
def _get_image_source(tile: Union[pytiled_parser.objects.Tile, pytiled_parser.objects.ImageLayer],
AttributeError: module 'pytiled_parser.objects' has no attribute 'ImageLayer'