What Day 1 Looked Like

Due to our time zone differences, we had to start eight hours after the theme was released. Though, that gave each one of us to think about what the game could be. (However I imagine most of us were thinking about how we could shoehorn goats into our game.)

After a fruitful discussion, we had a bunch of different ideas piled up in our meeting minutes. We drew inspiration from a wide variety of different games (whilst being careful as to not plagiarize), and thought about how we could construct a narrative that was consistent with the theme and gameplay mechanic (and goats). Most importantly, we figured out the name of our game: Goatforsaken.

We did it. The goats are in our game; the hard part is over.

Out GitLab repository was set up and the work on our game that we were so excited about had begun.GitLab Work Board

(obviously, there are more than what is shown in the picture.)