And, done!

We had some very ambitious plans, our work was scattered, and kind of chaotic, so we had to strip and replace a lot of features, and ended up with a .... Goat Clicker :D

It is pretty fun to play (though I may have developed carpal tunnel syndrome over the last few days).

It could use some polish, we didn't have time to animate the goats properly, and the click-detection is tile-based; could definitely use an improvement to using proper detection. Sometimes the goats will not be where you think.

Also, not all of the ones that are not moving are idle - sometimes, they are just stuck lol! You can change the `` file to click not-idle ones, and you will find the game easier.

Big thanks to my teammates. Sorry I suck at the whole leadership thing...

Some really fine competition in this event, so I don't really expect us to win, but hopefully you will find the game enjoyable and it makes you laugh. It was fun (and stressful) to make, and we all learned a lot.

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