small game


Lil box i made that's kind of tilted
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3 day

Finally, I came with the game concept and story.

The main character is asteroids miner wich lost his ship when it was hit by a solar storm.
By that time main character was on the asteroid and lost any contact with Earth and the Ship was seriously damaged - you cant just fly beck with it.
The game goal is to survive, until the rescue team arrive...

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To my teem

Hi, were is lost, my teammates in pyweek 30? Because I still can't get in touch with them, so I decided to address anyone else who sees this post pleas write in your ideas as comments, wat shuld I make in current pyweeks them 'castwai'!!! thak you for support

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All most miss them voting. Tere are some strange like 'Goats goats goats' or Sunrize and funny like 'Clean cop, dirty town' , bat my favorite is... 'Castaway' this looks most promising... Still no word from my teme mates, what should I do?

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Wail waiting chalange

It is good practice to make a test game just to ensure every teme member is on the same page or something like that?I waiting for you on

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first notes...

This is my second time on pyweke, and first as a teme so will it be one member teme or not? anyway I intend this time put my skills to work.

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