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Presented by rdb

The Lone Ranger - who needs teammates?
Presented by siddhartha13

Lil box i made that's kind of tilted
Presented by DeafMaple

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Overall: 2.0
Fun: 2.7
Production: 1.6
Innovation: 1.8

Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
Last my uploate, realy
bukmano88 2020/10/12 02:14
Last my upload
bukmano88 2020/09/27 16:19
When you are in deep space and lose the spaceship you are on castwai
bukmano88 2020/09/27 15:43

Diary Entries

Ending notes

This week was - challenging, but I got thrue after all, a bit more experienced and tougher, it was a great opportunity for me...

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First upload

The game turned out to be different than expected but... uploading today almost complete project, my teme mates stil are mising...


3 day

Finally, I came with the game concept and story.

The main character is asteroids miner wich lost his ship when it was hit by a solar storm.
By that time main character was on the asteroid and lost any contact with Earth and the Ship was seriously damaged - you cant just fly beck with it.
The game goal is to survive, until the rescue team arrive...

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To my teem

Hi, were is lost, my teammates in pyweek 30? Because I still can't get in touch with them, so I decided to address anyone else who sees this post pleas write in your ideas as comments, wat shuld I make in current pyweeks them 'castwai'!!! thak you for support



All most miss them voting. Tere are some strange like 'Goats goats goats' or Sunrize and funny like 'Clean cop, dirty town' , bat my favorite is... 'Castaway' this looks most promising... Still no word from my teme mates, what should I do?

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Wail waiting chalange

It is good practice to make a test game just to ensure every teme member is on the same page or something like that?I waiting for you on

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first notes...

This is my second time on pyweke, and first as a teme so will it be one member teme or not? anyway I intend this time put my skills to work.

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