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Cast a Knife

Please play on the github version rather than the zip version, to get the proper experience.

                                 ------ Game plot -----------
 You are stranded on an island, far away from any other humans.
 While you are wandering around the small land in the middle of the ocean, you spot a dead monk laying on the ground,
 with a knife sticking in his chest.
 Strong as you are, you walk up to him and pull it out, but then huge flies start appearing all around you,
 and you have to fight them, to in the end get the trophy you deserve.
Try to beat up those bad flies and reach the trophy!
If you can...

How to play the game:
Go into the desired folder, and do:
>>>'git clone'
in your terminal/console
Make sure you have pygame installed
After that do:
>>>'cd pyWeek30 && python3'
>>>'cd pyWeek30 && python'
Your game should be running now, enjoy playing!


The best weapon design
Presented by VV0JCIECH

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 2.7

13% respondents marked the game as not working.
0% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 13


File Uploader Date
Final Game Screenshot
_rasKa 2020/09/27 19:09
Cast a Knife - The final game
_rasKa 2020/09/27 19:01

Diary Entries

The second Day - A playable Version

Cast a Light
Note this game, If you want to see a dead monk!
You thought we were already finished?!
Still far away from that, but the game is slowly coming together.
But first our under simplified idea:
  You are stranded on an island and try to cross the entire swimming platform in one night and reach the other side, -ALIVE-
  because with all the bad guys swarming around the dark forests, this is NOT going to be a piece of cake
Your ONLY way of making it, is to scare of those monsters with your new flashlight!
But where would you get one from?


What you can experience right now in the game:
 →Collision -owo-
 →cute hero walking animation
 →player movement
 →test monsters running towards the hero (and not minding walls at all)
 →amazing self-drawn pixel art

And what can you expect?
 A whole bunch more, if we find the time


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Day of the Knife

Day of the Knife

The game now finally features a mechanic, which makes it stand out and if the enemies were already working,
it would be fun to play. lol
The graphics are looking good, and after we scraped the orignal idea of a torch being the weapon , it
is now finally manegable to do.
(BTW coding a Level editor in production ain't that smart)
The Mechanic
→You first have to get a knife from somewhere (Finding it wont be my task
→If you shoot the knife out of strong hand, you can make it fly back to you
→The knife can get stuck in walls and you can simply pick it up again
--- How i planned to do it in the beginning----
    Controlling your knifes velocity with your mouse wheel, but redid it because it is too hard to control properly and will
   lead too knifes bouncing back and forth in the air.
And now a little TEASER:

Have fun coding!