The second Day - A playable Version

Cast a Light
Note this game, If you want to see a dead monk!
You thought we were already finished?!
Still far away from that, but the game is slowly coming together.
But first our under simplified idea:
  You are stranded on an island and try to cross the entire swimming platform in one night and reach the other side, -ALIVE-
  because with all the bad guys swarming around the dark forests, this is NOT going to be a piece of cake
Your ONLY way of making it, is to scare of those monsters with your new flashlight!
But where would you get one from?


What you can experience right now in the game:
 →Collision -owo-
 →cute hero walking animation
 →player movement
 →test monsters running towards the hero (and not minding walls at all)
 →amazing self-drawn pixel art

And what can you expect?
 A whole bunch more, if we find the time