Day of the Knife

Day of the Knife

The game now finally features a mechanic, which makes it stand out and if the enemies were already working,
it would be fun to play. lol
The graphics are looking good, and after we scraped the orignal idea of a torch being the weapon , it
is now finally manegable to do.
(BTW coding a Level editor in production ain't that smart)
The Mechanic
→You first have to get a knife from somewhere (Finding it wont be my task
→If you shoot the knife out of strong hand, you can make it fly back to you
→The knife can get stuck in walls and you can simply pick it up again
--- How i planned to do it in the beginning----
    Controlling your knifes velocity with your mouse wheel, but redid it because it is too hard to control properly and will
   lead too knifes bouncing back and forth in the air.
And now a little TEASER:

Have fun coding!

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After a while of throwing a knife at bugs, I didn't manage to figure out how to get a trophy. Am I on the right track? Do I just need to kill more bugs?
Yeah, You have to kill I think 200 bugs to unlock the final trophy.
Have you tried drinking the red potion and just running through all of them? :-)