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Dark Land

Hello there, It seems like pyweek would be fun thats why I as an Individual joining it and would create a simple and small game as this would be my first game. I would first learn a game developing python library in order to get started. Hope this would fun tournament and I will end creating something.


Goaty-mc-goatface's good game trophy
Presented by Minion3665

super good arcade game, p.s. ur graphics rock
Presented by Monsterrreporte

super good arcade game, p.s. ur graphics rock
Presented by Monsterrreporte

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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 3.1
Production: 3
Innovation: 2.5

Respondents: 15


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this contain instruction to run game
Master 2020/09/26 17:38
Master 2020/09/26 17:15
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Master 2020/09/26 16:33
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Master 2020/09/26 16:33
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Master 2020/09/26 16:32
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Master 2020/09/26 16:31
Though I thought I would work in a team but ended up doing all alone. I spent 2hrs daily to create this small game. You can consider this as my first game and i am quite happy that atleast I have completed it. In future games I would use oops also.
Master 2020/09/26 16:29

Diary Entries

The Journey

This one week process was quite amazing, as I learnt pygame and created my first ever game. I didn't actually used oops in it as it was my first game. In future I would definitely create some complex and big games, but I am happy I ended up creating something.

Most challenging thing for me was that time was very limited for me as I used to spent only 2hrs a day on project, rest of time I had other school work. In these 2 hrs I had to do both reading docs and writing logic.. At some points I do stuck and needed help, thanks to youtube, stackoverflow and geeksforgeeks to help me out. 

The Idea of game is inspired by a flash game namely Ben 10 Critical Impact, I just tried to remaster that game in castaway style and made this game. I would surely request you to check out this game and give your reviews.

Thanks for reading....

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