The Casta Way

The Casta Way

Greetings stranger ! The goal of this simple game is not to be the greatest game of all time, but to teach my 15yo brother how to make such game.

Our original idea was to make a side scroller or top view game where you need to help a disciple of the legendary Casta to go up the Casta Way. The Casta Way is a long road made of gold by Casta himself in the ancient times. According to the legend, Casta hid the secret of happiness at the end of that road, but there are many obstacles in the way... Good luck to all of us, and we hope that you too will find the secret of happiness. In the meantime we are definitely looking forwards to enjoy your games !

All you will need to play this game is a recent version of python (>= 3.7), pygame installed and a bit of skill... or luck !

The Brothers

Side note : There are four goats hidden in this text ^^


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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.5
Production: 4
Innovation: 3.1

9% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


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