Climbing a ladder

Spider Island

As the cruise ship you were planning on spending a relaxing week on veered towards the island. The boat crashed, and you wake up about 3 hours later on an island with nothing but your clothes and a magic laser shooter you found. On it was written G.O.A.T. You have no idea what these stand for, but you put it off for now. You remember something vague about a rescue boat on the other side of the island; They were shouting about it as the cruise ship crashed. Suddenly, as you start making your way to the other side of the island, you hear a hissing sound, almost like a giant insect...


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3
Innovation: 2.6

18% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 9


File Uploader Date
Final ZIP file of the game
karx 2020/09/26 23:12
Water physics
karx 2020/09/26 23:03
Shooting spiders and rubies
karx 2020/09/26 23:02
Climbing a ladder
karx 2020/09/26 20:47
The first level of Spider Island, with placeholder sprites
karx 2020/09/24 00:10

Diary Entries

The first/fourth day

I missed the announcement, and the first 3 days of the challenge. Being late to the party, I quickly set up a new project in PyCharm and made a window appear using the Python arcade library. I found some free sprites online and made a simple platformer game, with rubies and spiders that follow the player. This functionality can be seen in the video I have uploaded.

Tomorrow, I will finish up the sprite replacements and create some  walking animations. Once this has been done, I will make more levels for the game.


Thursday: new sprites, walking animation

Once I was done with school, I jumped right into my development environment. The first thing I did was replace the placeholder sprites with sprites I drew myself, on the online pixel art app Piskel. I also created walking sprites, to be used for a walking animation. The walking animation is just two frames looping. Both of these changes makes for a clean and polished-looking game.

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Friday: More mechanics, more levels, and start/end screens

"You know what this game really needs?, " I asked myself, "ladders. We really need ladders." Using the Python "arcade" library's Physics Engine, I calculated the physics and movement of the player when on a ladder. Then, I drew a ladder sprite in Piskel. After this, I created water, and did mostly the same process. Calculate physics and movement, then draw the sprites.

Once I had implemented ladders and water, I wrote the code to switch between levels. Now, I need more levels. For this, I used the Tiled Map Editor to make levels, and made sure to include ladders and water.

After that, when every level of the game was done, I added start, end and death screens. The End screen shows when you reach the end of the last level (AKA when you've killed all the spiders and boarded the escape boat).

End/Win screen

The death screen shows up when you die. Obviously.

The death screen

The start screen is the first thing that shows up when you start the game. It also displays a helpful little tip!

Start screen

Tomorrow, I will add sounds to the game, such as a sound that plays when you shoot something, a sound that plays when you pick up a ruby, etc.
I will also polish up the game a little.

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The last day: Polish and sounds

Today, I polished up the game a little bit. I cleaned up the code, cleaned up my assets, and tweaked the physics a little.

Them I added sounds that I got from the free asset site Kenney. These include a little song that plays at the start screen, a jump sound, a bullet sound, a sound that plays when you pick up a ruby, and a sound that plays when you advance to the next level.

All of my sound files

Now, I am officially done with PyWeek 30. It was a good 4 days, and I'll try not to miss the announcement again next time. (lol)

So long, PyWeekers!

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