Friday: More mechanics, more levels, and start/end screens

"You know what this game really needs?, " I asked myself, "ladders. We really need ladders." Using the Python "arcade" library's Physics Engine, I calculated the physics and movement of the player when on a ladder. Then, I drew a ladder sprite in Piskel. After this, I created water, and did mostly the same process. Calculate physics and movement, then draw the sprites.

Once I had implemented ladders and water, I wrote the code to switch between levels. Now, I need more levels. For this, I used the Tiled Map Editor to make levels, and made sure to include ladders and water.

After that, when every level of the game was done, I added start, end and death screens. The End screen shows when you reach the end of the last level (AKA when you've killed all the spiders and boarded the escape boat).

End/Win screen

The death screen shows up when you die. Obviously.

The death screen

The start screen is the first thing that shows up when you start the game. It also displays a helpful little tip!

Start screen

Tomorrow, I will add sounds to the game, such as a sound that plays when you shoot something, a sound that plays when you pick up a ruby, etc.
I will also polish up the game a little.