Basic gameplay

Fire Dance

Dave is castaway on a desert island with only a coconut for company. He has to dance to keep his fire alive (literally). Whether this is his mind slipping or the whims of ancient fire spirits cannot be said with certainty...

Fire dance is a dancing game in the style of Dance Dance Revolution. Move sets for tracks are generated automatically using beat detection and a Markov chain. You can even add your own tracks by copying a .wav file into the project.


Dance Dance Revol-ocean
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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 3.1
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 3

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File Uploader Date
Complete game.
HipetyHopit 2020/09/26 18:35
Beta version
HipetyHopit 2020/09/25 15:21
Basic gameplay
HipetyHopit 2020/09/22 15:03
A character that will probably not appear in the final game.
HipetyHopit 2020/09/21 15:34

Diary Entries

Starting a new idea on Day 2!

Yesterday got off to a good start. I decided I want to try pyglet this year, so I coded a framework for the game. I was going to do something with throwing coconuts and platformer mechanics, but I was not feeling very inspired by the theme, so that idea kind of fizzled out when I got stuck on artwork.

This morning I started again with new figure. I have a new idea that is a completely unoriginal game, but the implementation promises to be very interesting. What's the point if you're not learning something along the way?

In short: good progress on a new direction, but still a day or so of work from a playable game.

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Finally some visual progress...

Okay, yeah, I'm just remaking Dance Dance Revolution. The conceit of this implementation is that the app uses beat tracking (and possibly some Markov chains) to automatically generate the move sequence from any given audio track and difficulty level. If you want to know how this ties into the theme "Castaway", you will have to play my final submission

Today went fairly well. The game is almost in a playable state. Scoring still needs some work, but after that, everything is mostly polish.

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Happy Heritage Day South Africa!

I am now getting around to polish. Most of the day was spent on a menu to select tracks. That is now working well, so really I only need finishing touches, like transition animations and probably some optimization in the mathematical implementation. I should also give the game a name at some point...

I might call this Pyweek a day early, which would be good, since I have spent more time than I really should on it this week. Or I could spend it on beta testing.

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Beta testing commences.

The game is now completely playable and almost in its final state. I have uploaded a fully working version, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated at this point. I do have a few more things to polish, so if anyone does test it, please come back after Sunday to rate the final version.

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Should have written this yesterday

It is done. It was fun. I really needed this, I think. It's been too long since I've coded a game. I think I learned a few things along the way. I'm looking forward to trying everyone's games. I hope you all enjoy mine as well.

(For those wondering why there are more tracks under the license in the README than in the actual game: I removed two tracks at the last minute to reduce the zip size.)

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