February 2016 challenge: “The aftermath”

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Detention: The Aftermath

Detention: The Aftermath. You (the player) are a math dunce and a rebel. Your math teacher loves his dutiful little students, but he hates you. So he punishes you with detention. But you soon discover all is not what it seems.

Team: DR0ID, gummbum


Adrift is a real-time strategy/puzzle game where you command a spaceship crew to abandon ship in the aftermath of an explosion. Team Chimera take-two! Lets play some video games!

Team: mit-mit, Lucid Design Ar

Hao Wan


Entrant: xmzhang1


The Wifi doesn't work but we still try tho.

Team: hidas, Kn1g475


Team of guys who like brisket, beer, and coding. And we are Problem Architects

Team: bjorklundcp, Chardizzo, AjaxVM, jasons, Haselnutt, jaxspades

Stable Orbit

A game in which you save billions of lives by launching moons for people to live on around planets after a supervolcano eruption.

Entrant: LeopardShark

The Undefined

In The Undefined, you are a god (a dark god) that throws celestial bodies in order to influence some others. One can see it as a physics-based dynamics puzzle game.

Entrant: YannThor

Fat Math Three

The world's most anticipated math-based game is finally getting its third installment* this Pyweek!

Calculate your way through the world, calculate geeze [sic] into submission and calculate keys into your inventory to unlock the game's final rooms. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME BASIC ARITHMETIC EXERCISES?!

* - There aren't actually any other two installments

Entrant: shundread

The Little Drop

  • LittleDrop Source release.zip — In case the p3d file doesn't work try this source release. Check the README.txt for information how to run.
  • LittleDrop.p3d — Deploy once, run anywhere. Requires Panda3D runtime! See entry for details.
The Adventure of the little drop

This is the story of little raindrop spirits on their journey to reforest a wood in the aftermath of a big fire blaze. It's your task to guide him through the forest, collect and plant seeds and see the forest regrow. Some plants can even be used as bridges to other areas of the forest. Throughout your way, you will meat other droplings, make sure to listen what they say as some might even help you on your journey. Finally, in the end, you might even get the chance to see the forests spirit himself.

This game was made using the Panda3D game engine

System Requirements:
CPU 1.66 GHz dual core
Memory 80 MB free RAM
Hard drive 120 MB free disk space
Screen size 800x600 px
Graphics hardware OpenGL 1.4 capable graphic card
Sound hardware OpenAL capable audio
Peripherials Mouse, Keyboard
CPU 2.4 GHz dual core
Memory 80 MB free RAM
Hard drive 120 MB free disk space
Screen size 1920x1080 px
Graphics hardware OpenGL 3.0 capable graphic card
Sound hardware OpenAL capable audio
Peripherials Mouse, Keyboard

How to run p3d files:
Install the Panda3D runtime
After installing, either double click the LittleDrop.p3d file or run the following command from the terminal:
panda3d LittleDrop.p3d

Requirements to run from source:
Python 2.7
Panda3D SDK 1.9.1

Source: https://github.com/grimfang/pyweek21

Entrant: fireclaw

Towards the Platforms

There is math in "The aftermath" so I might make something about math. But there is clear in "Nuclear soda 4" and I'm not clear in my mind. Anyway this will be great game.

Entrant: knowledge


The Cape cobra (Naja nivea), also called the yellow cobra or koperkapel, a moderate-sized, highly venomous species of cobra inhabiting a wide variety of biomes across southern Africa.

Team: hodgestar, drnlm, confluence, Decoy

Picking up the pieces

Puzzle game to repair damage to photographs after they have been obliterated.

Entrant: telecoda

Moon Bamboo Gardener

Here is my release for PyWeek 21: Moon Bamboo Gardener!

Entrant: Master47


As the last awakened robot, you witness the aftermath of your peers trying to escape the laser-trapped rooms of the Facility. Can you achieve freedom?

Entrant: Tee


You are a botanist working on a breakthrough project. Your experiment goes wrong and your colleagues are killed in the process. The plants have mutated and have turned brown and toxic. Mix up a solution and soak them with your water gun to cure them and turn them green again.

Entrant: etmaifo


You are a clown. You have been fired.

Entrant: Luchs

Pentomino's Pizza

A perfectly ordinary pizza delivery simulation.

Team: blakeohare, sophiabaldonado

The Uninterrupted Kea Experience

The struggle of a lone Kea to become the best in society of feral animals, in the aftermath of humanities downfall.

Team: green0range, deimos impact

Life, a game of

  • plague-1.1.zip — Adjusted wav files to loop together properly, no code changes.
Protect your country from the epidemic of unknown deadly disease.

Team: kent_turbo, mvuets, brunorc, kanatohodets

The Long Walk

After the cataclysm a lone machine wanders across the wasteland from an unknown origin to a future uncertain. The final product was built with py2exe so all one should have to do is unzip the directory and start up Long_Walk_Rough_drft.exe instructions for play are through the ABOUT option at the title screen.

Entrant: PixelFlower

The Amazing Adventures of Herbert the Flying Monkey

A game that will somehow involve flying monkeys.

Entrant: JFrog

Shattered World

Animals flying hovercraft, why not. It worked for Star Fox.

See README.txt for a full list of controls, and options like setting the resolution.

Additional files (eg Blender files) used to generate game assets are available in the github repository.

Team: Cosmologicon, typhonic, marybee, EnigmaticArcher


In this game you were supposed to escape from a zoo, surviving for 20 amazing levels including adventure, plaforms, FPS, multiplayer online, role playing and suvival horror.
Then "aftermath" them has been picked... thus let's assume we already developed such game and you already win it... you just need to crawl the last mile.
That are 3 km to be more precise, this description came to my mind after uploading the game.

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta

Lost Colony

The year is 2127, humans have made their first steps into galactic travel and have gone to visit a new planet capable of supporting life - Elir.

A large group of scientists had been sent to the planet to examine the atmosphere and its conditions. Strange sitings had been reported throughout their mission. At first mysterious sitings of unexplainable animals, then bones, larger than anything that had been anticipated. Lastly there was a report of an underground installation with an active power source. This was the last transmission received from the team.

A recon and rescue mission has now been planned to save any scientists that our found and to see what has happened. Having assembled the only 4 marines in near-orbit, it is time.

Good luck.

Team: Darni, mauve, jribbens, ndevox, andrecp, Ted, mgrazebrook, drakekin

Gas and Grass

  • pyweek21-git.zip — windows exe, multiplatform p3d and source code all in one
A post-apocalyptic grass shearing game.
Source is also available at: https://github.com/wezu/pyweek21 but please use the zip provided here for judging.

The GitHub repo has updates made after PyWeek!!!

Entrant: wezu

Breakout clone

  • break.tar.gz — the game, level data, sound and graphics data files
Simple breakout style game. My first pygame game!

Entrant: marienbad

The Last Gardener

Aliens have taken over Earth and wiped out most of humanity, but the grass still needs to be mowed. You happen to be the only gardener remaining. Mow the lawns in this lawn-mowing bullet hell game!

Team: Jjp137, LegoBricker

Home Decoration of Anno Domini 1204

Constantinople is sacked by the joint armies of the Latin Empire and Venice. A rogue trader smells profit in the seemingly unending pillaging of the mighty city. But first, he must get there.

A simple 13th century trade ship sim. It's my first pyweek entry, and my first time working with panda3d. Tried lots of new things and failed at a lot of them. Ultimately this is what came out.
Because I've got no idea how panda's supposed to actually work, there's a few major outstanding issues that I never had a chance to fix.

HOW TO RUN: grab the panda3d runtime from http://panda3d.org/get and run it with the .p3d file as an argument.

Because I'm an awful panda programmer, to exit you have to first hit escape to unlock the mouse (mouse1 re-locks it), then kill the process from your cli. Sorry about that.

Contact Amras0000 on Freenode's #pyweek if you have issues.

one of the audio clips cuts out for a few seconds every so often.
On Windows, mouse doesn't lock to the window properly. Just maximize the window and decrease your mouse sensitivity/move it slower if you get issues.

Entrant: amras0000

Retirement of Diomedes

Knuckledragger's Feb 2016 entry.

Team: daspork, tactii

Alice and Bob defend the world

The world was destroyed in a nuclear war. Cities were laid to waste and many of those who survived were mutated into flesh-eating zombies. The unfortunate remainder of humanity has been left to deal with the aftermath. Luckily Bob has a tank full of lighter fluid to make Molotov cocktails with and Alice has a good throwing arm. Even so, they'll be lucky to survive the assault on their house...

Entrant: HipetyHopit

Gangs of the Aftermath

Turn-based strategy game set in the aftermath of an unnamed cataclysm.

Github: https://github.com/iminurnamez/gangs-of-the-aftermath

Entrant: iminurnamez