Placing photos

Picking up the pieces

Puzzle game to repair damage to photographs after they have been obliterated.


Half a Giga
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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 3

50% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 4


File Uploader Date
Gameplay movie
telecoda 2016/03/06 21:45
Source distribution of game
telecoda 2016/03/06 21:22
Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 08.35.24.png
Placing photos
telecoda 2016/03/04 08:36
Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 00.04.55.png
Testing mouse pointer shape selection
telecoda 2016/03/01 00:06

Diary Entries

Slow start

Wrestled with a few different ideas over the weekend. Abandoned my favourite one as just being too gross. Atomic-bum, a game to clean up the aftermath of a bad curry in the toilet. Considering I'll be doing most of the coding during my commute, this was a non-starter. Finally decided on a puzzle game to reassemble broken pictures. End product of my days labours, working code to allow polygon selection of rotated images. Still working on basic game mechanics for now.

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Steady progress

I'm getting the feeling I'm getting there now, but its gonna be tight. I'm away for the weekend so aim to have the code complete by tonight and add polish and worry about packaging the project on Sunday night. I had grand plans of dynamically scaling the playfield as the photograph pieces got closer / further away. However I ended up in a death spiral of wrestling between relative / absolute / scaled and unscaled co-ordinates. Therefore the auto scale feature was dropped. (Maybe resurrect post pyweek) Main logic is complete. Game starts, intro, level start, level play, level end. All containing dummy text for now. I must remember to remove the code that allows you to press space bar to complete level or its going to be a very easy game....

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Game done, but unhappy with distribution

I have completed the game and uploaded it, but there are a few areas I could be happier. OSX sound support on pygame ======================= Using pygame on OSX presented a few challenges. I struggled to get .mp3 or .ogg support working so had to resort to shipping large .WAV files instead. py2exe on windows ============== I used the pylygon library for polygon collision code, which itself is dependent on numpy. When trying to create an exe on windows numpy was failing. Personal tip for the future, don't leaving packaging until the end of the project. I had to setup a python/pygame installation on a windows box from scratch. These are not excuses, just poor planning on my part. I hope people ARE able to run the game from source on their chosen platform. I was hoping to make the running a seamless experience for everyone. Oh well, thats pyweek 21 done for me, time for a beer.

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Post Mortem

Thanks for arranging a great pyweek. It was the first time I've completed it and I learned a lot along the way.
Things I learned
i.) Test the build and distribution EARLY. I developed solely on OSX and tried to get a Windows build out of the last day and failed. Much respect for the people who judged the code and got it running. Its hard work judging lots of games and I really should've delivered a working solution. Next time test this early and continuously throughout the week.
ii.) If I entered again I would probably join as a team. Its better to share workload and having several people kicking each others butts is a great motivator.
iii.) Try out the tools ahead of time. Pyweek is not the best time to learn new tools on the fly. But it sure focuses you on the minimal feature set. (Shipping a build with .WAV files for audio to get around not getting .mp3 & .ogg playing on OSX is a big no, no!)
Thanks to the organisers for running Pyweek, I'm sure it quite a commitment to making this happen as a voluntary task.
Thanks for all the feedback on my game. I wholeheartedly agree with ALL the comments. (Sorry for belittling the subject of the Blitz this was not my intention)
Well done
Well done to the winning teams. I'm amazed at the amount you guys packed into a single weeks development, truly inspiring.

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