Game done, but unhappy with distribution

I have completed the game and uploaded it, but there are a few areas I could be happier. OSX sound support on pygame ======================= Using pygame on OSX presented a few challenges. I struggled to get .mp3 or .ogg support working so had to resort to shipping large .WAV files instead. py2exe on windows ============== I used the pylygon library for polygon collision code, which itself is dependent on numpy. When trying to create an exe on windows numpy was failing. Personal tip for the future, don't leaving packaging until the end of the project. I had to setup a python/pygame installation on a windows box from scratch. These are not excuses, just poor planning on my part. I hope people ARE able to run the game from source on their chosen platform. I was hoping to make the running a seamless experience for everyone. Oh well, thats pyweek 21 done for me, time for a beer.