PyWeek - telecoda 2016 - feedback

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No error message, just the "python.exe has stopped working" pop-up.

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Spent about an hour following instructions supplied. I will also say i use venvwrapper in my
every day work and i have a lot of experience with build systems. I was unable to get the
bitbucket checkout to properly compile using pip. I did grab the tarball off the site and build
it but at that point an hour had passed and i meh'd.

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Rotating pieces needs to be annoyingly exact, which doesn't combo well with the tight time
limit. Otherwise an interesting idea and quite well implemented.

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I couldn't get it to run under py2.7 64 bit on win 10, on py3.5 32 bit it fails because pylygon
won't work with 3.5. Tried some fixing myself, but gave up on: File
"C:\pyweek21\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\", line 436,
in run self.render() File
"C:\pyweek21\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\", line 232,
in render self.render_playing() File
"C:\pyweek21\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\", line 270,
in render_playing piece.render(self.screen) File
"C:\pyweek21\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\", line 123,
in render self.render_border(screen) File
"C:\pyweek21\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\pickupthepieces\", line 156,
in render_border pygame.draw.polygon(screen, colour, self.rotated_polygon, 1)
TypeError: points must be number pairs

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Taking the blitz as the background to your game, I feel you've fallen into the trap of making it
inappropriate - gleeful and aggressive rather than commemorative and sentimental. Partly
the music choices are too up-tempo and aggressive and partly the wording almost trivialises
the suffering. So I'm put off, not drawn in.

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Sorry, I can't get pip to work reliably, and I can't find pylygon with apt-get (I'm on Ubuntu)!
Here's the error message I get for "pip install pylygon":

Downloading/unpacking pylygon Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement
pylygon (from versions: 1.3.0rc, 1.3.1rc, 1.3.2rc) Cleaning up... No distributions
matching the version for pylygon

It's not you, pip is just always a huge pain for me. If I get a chance to try again I definitely

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well, 'ApocalypseDeluxe-Regular.ttf' does not render on my py 2.7.3 and pygame 1.9.2pre,
also no level re-try?? This is a bit hard. Also please mention what python version one should
use in the README.txt!!

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The game is entertaining, even if the theme is quite dark and gloomy. It has a well created
atmosphere, both image sound and text contribute to it. Regarding balance, on one side it is a
bit easy the fact that pictures all have shadows in their borders (and most of the puzzle is
formed of borders), so most of the work consists in just rotating the pieces and moving them to
their position (it ends up feeling more of a challenge of precise movement than puzzle
solving). The last level is a bit too hard, even knowing where things go, the time required to
rotate and place pieces accurately makes it impossible (for me) to finish in time, and the lack
of progress saving is somewhat frustrating.