Final Head Bounce


Team of guys who like brisket, beer, and coding. And we are Problem Architects


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Overall: 1.9
Fun: 1.5
Production: 2.2
Innovation: 2.1

9% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


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Final Head Bounce
AjaxVM 2016/03/05 23:33
AjaxVM 2016/03/05 23:32

Diary Entries

Day 2.5

Hey guys,

I'm back for more fun, this time with an awesome team!
We got started right on Saturday night for us, and have made good progress. Have some basic networking going, and event looping.

Hoping to make some big progress today.

Also, if anyone wants to hang out or check on progress, I will be streaming off and on at Twitch as I code :)


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We finished... something

We didn't finish the game, or get anything insanely awesome in.
But we did get some custom music and custom graphics. We also used more than we made.
We have a custom level loader, and 1 real level - which sucks and was made for testing on day 2 or something.
You can play coop (select host/play singleplayer and have someone join your ip in join game - either local or port forward instructions are in the join game menu).
You can bounce on each other's heads, and the zombies are plants that just race you to the end of the level.

But we had fun doing it and learned a lot. Cheers guys - hope everyone else had as much fun!

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