More zoombiieees!!!

Alice and Bob defend the world

The world was destroyed in a nuclear war. Cities were laid to waste and many of those who survived were mutated into flesh-eating zombies. The unfortunate remainder of humanity has been left to deal with the aftermath. Luckily Bob has a tank full of lighter fluid to make Molotov cocktails with and Alice has a good throwing arm. Even so, they'll be lucky to survive the assault on their house...


Megan and Cueball
Presented by wezu

Most Heartbreaking Death of a Villain
Presented by LeopardShark

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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 2.5

Respondents: 20


File Uploader Date
Alice and Bob defend the world 1_0.zipfinal
Final...with scary music!
HipetyHopit 2016/03/05 17:30
More zoombiieees!!!
HipetyHopit 2016/03/05 15:30
Alice and Bob defend the world 0_3.zipfinal
Complete working game
HipetyHopit 2016/03/05 15:28
Alice and Bob defend the world 0_2.zipfinal
now with more game
HipetyHopit 2016/03/05 13:43
HipetyHopit 2016/03/04 21:10
Alice and Bob defend the world.zipfinal
first upload
HipetyHopit 2016/03/04 21:04

Diary Entries

It's probably a bit late for this entry

I had a test week this week, so I didn't think I would get to do Pyweek. In the end I opted for a simple game that I could make in two days. I know the jump from "the aftermath" to post zombie-apocalypse is not a very original one, but I think this is a fun little game that captures the desperation of surviving in the aftermath of an apocalypse and the impending dread of running out of Molotov cocktails very well. I ended up using a lot of the knowledge I acquired during the test week, especially in physics, in the game. I think Pyweek ended up being a better judge of how much I understand what I learned during the semester than the test week was. I am also quite pleased with the animations, even if they are quite simplistic. There are a few tweaks I would like to make before the deadline. Hopefully I can upload a slightly improved game tomorrow.

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