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Good job setting the mood. I like the art style a lot! I'm not sure if it was my system, but it
seemed to play really slowly for me, even for zombies. The reloading animation looked like a
regular speed, though, so maybe that is the intended speed. I really like the idea of two
characters working together, but I guess you don't wind up actually controlling Bob. Maybe if
you had to control him too to make refills that would help with the pacing. Still, it was fun for a
bit. Good job!

3 3 3

Pretty fun.

3 3 3

I like the high-quality black and white animations. It's a simple style that works well. I
guess I was disappointed that there were no animations when you're finally overrun by the
zombies. Game-wise, it was fun for a bit until I worked out the angles and powers, and then I was
able to snipe the zombies at considerable range with high accuracy, and my molotovs continued
to accumulate. So it needed more of a difficulty ramp. Or was that the whole point of the game?
That you can't survive?

3 3 3

Art style is a bit lacking, and gameplay is a bit simplistic, but quite entertaining for what it

2 3 3

So xkcd

3 3 2

Needs more zombies. And screen shake!

4 3 3

this was fun to play, made me think of high school physics!

3 3 3

Pretty fun. Although cool the velocity/angle HUD made the game too easy; you could just throw
cocktails at 26 mph 1 degree all day and hardly run out. I appreciated the minimalist music and
animations: the tone of the game is pretty consistent. Overall I enjoyed it. Bob is a lazy bum
though. 2 cocktails in 30 seconds? Alice should just go rogue and leave him to the zombies.

2 2 3

mp3 is not supoprted on every pygame compilation! (I had to play without sound)

2 3 1

I liked the line-style graphic. Is difficulty/speed raising after a while? I played for
couple of minutes but looks like nothing changes.

2 2 2

OK game, would be more fun if faster.

2 2 1

"pygame.error: Unrecognized music format" - had to comment out code that plays music to make
the game run. Must be a problem on my end?

3 4 3

Dreamy-slow to play (I played while reading the news...). Fits nicely with the theme. Could
you add some obstacles - maybe the lightpost and some trees - so one needs to be more creative
with the parameters of each throw?

4 3 3

Crashed first time because mp3 is not natively supported in pygame on OSX! Commented out music
and re-ran (played music in background while playing to complete atmosphere ☺ ) Pretty simple
game but I like the stick figures they are well animated. Sucks that you can’t headshot
zombies, cocktails miss if you don’t hit em in the legs

3 3 3

the game is good, 2 days to make a game is really a challenge!

2 2 2

Nothing new, graphic very simple and the music is good. the not original gameplay and the fact
the game is so slow (and sadly, for this, boring) are the reasons for the low rating.

2 2 2

Genuinely liked the artwork. Gameplay is classic, but also unoriginal. But then I totally
understand about the 2 days to code thing, so sorry about the low rating! Things I would have
liked to see: A wider play area, the tightness of the play area means, despite a wide range of
angles to use, there is only a small range of angles which are realistically useful.
Progressively more zombies. Considering this is done with randint, could probably have used
a variable instead of 300 and made it progressively smaller.

2 2 3

Very simplistic game, though, to be fun to play, it needs some more balancing in it's gameplay.
The enemies are far to slow and it takes to long until the first enemy get in sight. The
graphics/animations are ok, but a nice background or a bit structure in the ground line would
have made it better.

2 3 2

It's a nice, playable game which works well. It would be great if it got harder as it went along as
it got slightly boring waiting for each zombie to come. The stickmen graphics look nice and the
music fits well. Sound effects would have been nice. More time than two days would clearly have
helped. The inclusion of instructions is very useful.

1 2 2

The gameplay is way too slow and boring. I lost interest quickly.