Not from the game, but a mix of all the game art

The Uninterrupted Kea Experience

The struggle of a lone Kea to become the best in society of feral animals, in the aftermath of humanities downfall.


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.4
Production: 2.6
Innovation: 2.8

58% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 5


File Uploader Date
Not from the game, but a mix of all the game art
green0range 2016/03/06 01:41
Turkey Battle
green0range 2016/03/06 01:26
Character Dialogue
green0range 2016/03/06 01:25
The Uninterrupted Kea Experience by 6BitSky.zipfinal
Final Game, built 10:12, 5.3.16 nzst
green0range 2016/03/05 09:13
Fighting the tiger
green0range 2016/03/02 09:39
Getting food from an abandoned supermarket
green0range 2016/03/02 09:38

Diary Entries

Music Complete?

While green-orange has been working on the code, I have been writing the music. It is now pretty much complete, so I will move onto the art.

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Meanwhile, the code...

So, while deimos impact has been filling my ears with wonderful sounds, I have made some looking art by not deleting previous blits.
Don't fear, it is now fixed. We have a basic platformer engine coming along just nicely. The jumping looks amazing, and the monochrome colours are just wonderful! Also, keas look like squares, coz why not!?

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Let's set out exactly what this is.

So our game idea is probably really confusing to anyone who isn't part of our friend group, and even more so to anyone that isn't in New Zealand. What the heck is a kea?
This guy:
A kea is a native (to New Zealand) bird found in alpine conditions.
Why put it in a game?
Because why not.
So what is this actually about?
This. So, encase your confused about our whiteboard planning session, here goes: Humanity has fallen. Remaining species are now fighting to form a new hierarchy, you play as a kea, try to get to the top. The game will have two phases; scavenging, and fighting. In the scavenging mode, you must find food in amongst the rubble, which will give you energy, used to do basically everything, from walking, to fighting moves. These are needed in the fighting mode, in which you fight against other species, such as zoo escaped tigers, and others. The base game is a platformer.
Development so far?
Right, on to what the development diary is actually about. I felt like the above need some explaining. So, it currently looks like this:

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The jumping Tiger

Well, that's day 3 gone. Level switching works, food now has graphics (thanks Deimos Impact, I just got an email load of bananas, apples cookies and pie, dot png.) and tigers can fly, well, jump. I've also been working on the collision detection and attacking, which is on the way, but not quite there. I'm also starting to add in sound. Oh, and the kea can fly, well, it kinda floats without even flapping it's wings. I'm telling ya, that kea has superpowers! So, that's me signing off, Good night everyone.
Postscript; (because why not use a traditional old-fashioned snail-mail format?) Do not expect my code to look good. I've gone for the quick, hard-coded, non-modular method, which is honestly quite ugly. But time is of the essence.

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With just over a day to go, I'm pretty happy with were we're at. I've just made the second re-energise level, and added in windscreen wipers, which scale the usually energy increase by 5 when eaten. For those who don't get the reference, Keas are very cheeky birds, who will try to tear apart cars. It must therefore provide them with lots of energy, right. Very nutritious. (They also like flying away with keys and dismantling tents, maybe I should add that....) Anyway, the tiger level has changed to inside a warehouse, and I've started preparing to add in a Turkey. Only then will your fight for dominance be complete. So being a Saturday tomorrow, I should be able to get all the finishing touches on, hopefully... Overall, I quite pleased with my first pyweek entry. Looking forward to seeing all the finished games.

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Art Complete

I have completed the art... There's not much more to say than that. There are some avatars for each enemy, and the tiger's pretty nice, as is the turkey. So now I'm working on the dialogue. And let me tell you, it is hard to find good turkey puns.

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Finally done, with time to spare!

Well folks, it's here, right here, and encase you missed it here. That's right, finished with 14:45 to go. Maybe I should go check it works on Windows. Yea, that might be worth considering! Any way, download it here and enjoy.

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