Let's set out exactly what this is.

So our game idea is probably really confusing to anyone who isn't part of our friend group, and even more so to anyone that isn't in New Zealand. What the heck is a kea?
This guy:
A kea is a native (to New Zealand) bird found in alpine conditions.
Why put it in a game?
Because why not.
So what is this actually about?
This. So, encase your confused about our whiteboard planning session, here goes: Humanity has fallen. Remaining species are now fighting to form a new hierarchy, you play as a kea, try to get to the top. The game will have two phases; scavenging, and fighting. In the scavenging mode, you must find food in amongst the rubble, which will give you energy, used to do basically everything, from walking, to fighting moves. These are needed in the fighting mode, in which you fight against other species, such as zoo escaped tigers, and others. The base game is a platformer.
Development so far?
Right, on to what the development diary is actually about. I felt like the above need some explaining. So, it currently looks like this: