The jumping Tiger

Well, that's day 3 gone. Level switching works, food now has graphics (thanks Deimos Impact, I just got an email load of bananas, apples cookies and pie, dot png.) and tigers can fly, well, jump. I've also been working on the collision detection and attacking, which is on the way, but not quite there. I'm also starting to add in sound. Oh, and the kea can fly, well, it kinda floats without even flapping it's wings. I'm telling ya, that kea has superpowers! So, that's me signing off, Good night everyone.
Postscript; (because why not use a traditional old-fashioned snail-mail format?) Do not expect my code to look good. I've gone for the quick, hard-coded, non-modular method, which is honestly quite ugly. But time is of the essence.