PyWeek - 6Bit Sky - feedback

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in win the pygame window can only be used by the thread that has created it.....

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"error: display mode not set" prints to the terminal then nothing

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Production values were a bit limited.

Control scheme way too complicated for the simple gameplay, and really hard to use with a

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Well, the game runs, and as far as I can tell there are no bugs, but I'm still going to have to mark
it DNW, just because I can't figure out how to play. What feels like an eternity of sitting
through the dialogue followed by a few seconds of gameplay during which I'm barely able to tell
how the controls work, before another huge dialogue section, and then a boss battle with the
tiger where I can barely walk and I lose terribly because I didn't get anything during the first
few seconds of gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I like the story, but I can't sit through it again.
It looks and sounds good, and I like that you seem to have implemented a variety of mechanics, I
just am not getting to use them.

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File "", line 284, in run g = Gamewindow((1920/2,1080/2)) File "", line 51, in
__init__ self.tmp = levels.supermarket() File "C:\pyweek21\kea\", line 76, in
supermarket bg = image.load(os.path.join("assets", "levels",
"supermarket.png")).convert() error: No video mode has been set

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I don't know what is supposed to be happening. Collision detection doesn't seem to be working.
The fruit is all in the wrong places. The controls are strange. I get to the tiger and always
immediately run out of energy. You're using threads? That won't work because of the GIL. I
suspect some of these problems might be concurrency-related?

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Seems like a nice idea, but it very hard to play on a laptop without a dedicated button for right

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I ran the game with Python27 with pygame 1.9.2. The full traceback is: Exception in thread
Thread-2: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Python27\lib\", line
530, in __bootstrap_inner File
"C:\Users\Yann\Downloads\pyweek\pyweek21\", line 284, in run g =
Gamewindow((1920/2,1080/2)) File
"C:\Users\Yann\Downloads\pyweek\pyweek21\", line 51, in __init__ self.tmp =
levels.supermarket() File "C:\Users\Yann\Downloads\pyweek\pyweek21\",
line 76, in supermarket bg = image.load(os.path.join("assets", "levels",
"supermarket.png")).convert() error: No video mode has been set

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Doesn’t seem to work properly: The game starts and provides graphics and sound, but refuses
any input (no control over the game/response from the keyboard or mouse) and you have to force
quit the game (can't even close the game window). Don’t know if this is a threading issue.
Running of osx 10.8, python 2.7.

3 3 3

This game was nice and did get it's way through to being quite finished. It had a nice short story
and some good ideas. If it had some more/better animations in it and some in game description on
how to play this game it would have been better. Also the controls were a bit odd but after all I
was able to play through the game.

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The graphics are pretty good, but I never really felt truly in control of the player character,
and that isn't really fun. I never was sure what was going on in the game. Also, at one point, my
character kept moving to the right even when I was not holding down the right arrow key.

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So first, a couple issues getting it running, and a summary of my experience with the game: If
the game wasn't my focused window when the first cutscene ended, the game would just exit.
Since the initial cutscene was so long and I couldn't find a way to skip it, not for lack of
persistent and analytical keyboard mashing, I tended to have the game in the background while
it played out for most of my attempts to run it. Once I did get into the game, the lack of any
feedback whatsoever for the peck attack made it really hard to figure out what was going on
(especially since Whiskers would kill me if I touched him) or why nothing was working. I was
unable to collect any of the fruit; I tried clicking on it, pressing various buttons, flying
into it, etc. So my energy was at 0 for the battles themselves. Without flying the game wasn't
very satisfying, and the walking was rather slow. I killed whiskers eventually, and then
pecked at the turkey. At some point I started flying randomly about the screen and couldn't
control my movement anymore. Then the turkey died andl a KeaSci screen showed up. At that
point, the game stopped responding to input. After having it open for the last couple minutes
as I write this, my kea fell across the screen a couple times. The writing's solid and very
amusing, and the assets work well for the theme. But without any direct feedback for my inputs,
and with my energy stuck at 0, the game was just really tough to figure out and play. I don't know
if there's anything to the game after the turkey fight, though, might try and play it again