Looks like a game..?

The Long Walk

After the cataclysm a lone machine wanders across the wasteland from an unknown origin to a future uncertain. The final product was built with py2exe so all one should have to do is unzip the directory and start up Long_Walk_Rough_drft.exe instructions for play are through the ABOUT option at the title screen.


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Overall: 1.7
Fun: 1.6
Production: 1.6
Innovation: 2

30% respondents marked the game as not working.
4% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 9


File Uploader Date
Final File V.2
PixelFlower 2016/03/05 22:53
The Long Walk Final Draft
PixelFlower 2016/03/05 18:43
Looks like a game..?
PixelFlower 2016/03/05 02:57

Diary Entries

Day 1

Put together some rough dev graphics to fill in while I get the basic mechanics working. The concept I'm going with is something very similar to Oregon Trail, rogue-like exploration across the wasteland with lots of challenges and decisions to make on the way. I've put together the skeleton of the games basic design, the menu structure, basic statistics of battery life and structural integrity, the ability to pause and make adjustments before you start shambling through the wastes again. I wanted to get a little more done today since I won't be able to dedicate as much time through the week but I think I can at least be DONE by the end of the week and that will be a happy accomplishment.

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Day 2

I have the menus working for the most part, pause occurs at the correct time, challenges pop up randomly while walking and I can adjust the speed of the character's movement. Not much to look at yet since it's still all just a lot of bare bones designs. Hopefully tomorrow I can improve how challenges are handled to make it easy to drop in a whole bunch of different events and situations easily. Once that's done then I just need to drop in a max distance to win the game and a way to handle when structural integrity hits 0 (or game over in other words) and the game will be complete. That is to say, complete on the most basic possible level. From there it's all fleshing it out, improving and thinking about art assets.

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Day 3

Yesterday was terrible, I didn't actually get anything done at all. Today I finished most of the pertinent mechanics, I can open various windows, start a new game and the game can be completed now. So now it's just a matter of setting up loads of different challenges and obstacles to over come. I need to decide if I want to make increase the resolution or just go with how it is now. And hopefully I can be be working on the art assets on Friday or Saturday morning.

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Day 6

The game can be started, there is an about page to explain the game, the game can be exited successfully, and the game can be either lost or beaten. There are four challenges that appear randomly as you wander through the wasteland. There are challenges based on attributes that can be modified through the game in a couple places. Lots of text. Not a lot of pixels. Unfortunately I lost a day to life issues so I'm probably not going to be able to give this game much in the way of art which is sad. There's a lot more I would like to do with it but in its current state it is... technically a game? You can play it, win or lose and then op to quit or try again. So I consider this a victory. If I have the time I'll try to fancy it up tomorrow before I submit it. I like this game and I think I'll keep working on it after the week is over. There are also a couple bugs that I have no idea how to deal with and only occur... really... REALLY randomly..? I haven't been able to ferret out what causes them yet but they aren't game breaking so MEH

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Final Day

Alright, I've submitted a final file. The game is complete and playable but I wish I could have had another day to really pretty it up. The important thing to me is that the game is done, playable, winnable and it works! I feel proud of it and I will probably pick it up and work on it some more in the future. I like the concept a lot and I think I could make something neat out of it.

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Final Day After Thoughts

Incidentally I know there is a bug where sometimes the game doesn't register the choice made during challenges for some reason, if you press enter again it goes through as normal. Also there is an occasional bug where a second cursor appears..? Again, just hit enter again on the option you want and it will work fine. I'm not sure what causes these issues but I could not figure out any way to reliably reproduce them so they just ended up staying in. I believe there is also an issue where if you jam on the directional key over and over like mad you can bug out the cursor handler and make the cursor just fly off the screen... Just don't do that and you should be fine. OH and when you restart the game it says you have Structure less than 100 but technically in the game files it is at 100 I believe, that's just a weird glitch with how it is animating that variable. It wasn't a big deal so I didn't prioritize fixing that. I think that's all of the bugs I can recall but I'm sure people will find more.

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