at sea

Home Decoration of Anno Domini 1204

Constantinople is sacked by the joint armies of the Latin Empire and Venice. A rogue trader smells profit in the seemingly unending pillaging of the mighty city. But first, he must get there.

A simple 13th century trade ship sim. It's my first pyweek entry, and my first time working with panda3d. Tried lots of new things and failed at a lot of them. Ultimately this is what came out.
Because I've got no idea how panda's supposed to actually work, there's a few major outstanding issues that I never had a chance to fix.

HOW TO RUN: grab the panda3d runtime from and run it with the .p3d file as an argument.

Because I'm an awful panda programmer, to exit you have to first hit escape to unlock the mouse (mouse1 re-locks it), then kill the process from your cli. Sorry about that.

Contact Amras0000 on Freenode's #pyweek if you have issues.

one of the audio clips cuts out for a few seconds every so often.
On Windows, mouse doesn't lock to the window properly. Just maximize the window and decrease your mouse sensitivity/move it slower if you get issues.


Save the Panda
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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 3

55% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 4


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Screenshot 2016-03-06 09.22.20.png
at sea
amras0000 2016/03/06 09:14
Screenshot 2016-03-06 09.58.50.png
Treasure collection
amras0000 2016/03/06 09:12
Screenshot 2016-03-06 09.21.53.png
Docked in Venice
amras0000 2016/03/06 09:12
requires the Panda3d runtime v.1.0.4 (
amras0000 2016/03/06 09:05
License Files - for the game and third party components
amras0000 2016/03/06 08:26
source code. Requires the panda SDK version 1.9.1
amras0000 2016/03/06 08:25