May 2014 challenge: “8-bit”

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A 2-player game about decision taking. Any player can reach consensus or end the game. Consensus is reached by flipping 8-bits around. We are the learners at the Artisanship in Videogame Programming Workshop in Chia, Colombia. Taller de Artesanía en Programación de Videojuegos en Chía, Colombia.

Team: icarito, kaametza


“The angry bits are on the loose!
Show them who’s Boss by bombarding the right bits to regain the full Byte.”
Persevere and become the 8 bit champion.


The goal of the game is to fill out 8 bits to get the number designated by Number. You do this by dropping a bit, which will activate the first static bit it touches. When you activate the correct bits you will move forward to another number and raise your corect tries meter.If you hit an incorrect bit a new number will be generated for you, but raise your incorrect tries meter.

The game gets more difficult the more correct numbers you get. This is done by increasing the speed based on the correct tries and a random event, which gets more probable and fires more often based on that as well.

The game continues until all 255 numbers have been expired. The goal is to correctly fill out as many numbers as possible.

The game is inteded to run in a small screen as a break brain puzzler/arcade game.

Release bit - Space
Pause - P
Restart Game - N
Hint - F1

Team: konemaster, Arti, stroet

The Eight Bit Passage

A pseudo-3D rail shooter on the high seas. There are four stages. You should be able to handle the first two stages, the difficulty ramps up in stages 3 and 4.

See the readme for easy mode if it's too hard, or for low-res mode if it runs too slowly.

Less ambitious than my usual entry. Try to contain your disappointment. ;)

Entrant: Cosmologicon


  • Hyperturret Defense — Hyperturret Defense - Sorry for the re-uploads. There was some communication issues between the group. Here's the final version.
Hey! We're a group of Grade 11 kids from Ontario, Canada who are all interested in the field of computer science. Our computer science teacher introduced us to the the PyWeek challenge and encouraged us to participate in order to test our skills. We are all very excited to get started and have a sort of real hand at the trials and tribulations of game development! We hope to have fun during our time. -101 Factorial

Team: 101Factorial, kendev55, neshant, SamRaisbeck, gamecube, tender

Byte - a Zombie Game

8 bullets, 8 zombies that want to bite you and a single flashlight... That you can't control.

Entrant: Sveder

Bouncy Shoes

"8-bit", a fun loving alien, is just trying to have a good time bouncing around while some mean, nasty aliens try and get in his way. Help 8-bit get past any obstacles that get in his way.

Entrant: justinmeister


A remix of Bomberman and Balloon Fight with birds.

You control the green bird.
Use a, w, d to control your bird.
Hit once to prepare a bomb. Hit again to throw it.
At the title screen, press 1, 2 or 3 to change the screen resolution.



Github repo:

Entrant: benoxoft

8bit RPG

You are Pythonista an adventurer in an 8bit style world. You start in your safe village. Wander round to meet animals a people and perhaps find something useful... Use the WASD keys to move around. You can press the letter O to eat. To start your adventure, find the stripey portal and walk thru it and this will take you to the dungeon. If you end up fighting a monster, press F to strike. If you die you will return to the village. Find the diamond in the dungeon to get back home. Collect 8 diamonds and go through the portal to reach the Dragon. Good luck! Controls - See README.txt (includes cheats!) Developed on Platform Python 3.4 and PyGame 1.9.2a0

Entrant: daftspaniel

Balloon Stomp

  • — Bob the factory guy tripped off the bridge and is having a bad day. So he's stomping balloons until he regains sanity!

Entrant: roarribbit


Follow instructions as a byte! A fast-paced arcade game, in recognition of the hard work of all the bytes in the world...

Entrant: Tee

Deep Space

Deep Space - Gain points by shooting rectangles.

Entrant: Master47


The evil ocean master is sending his minions to destroy your walls and take your pearls!

Team: Spears Dracona, ikanreed

Flood It

A Flood It Clone. Dependencies are Python2.x or Python3.x and PyGame. An exe is compiled as well. The code structure is based off of Mekires work whom has taken me under his wing.

This initially wasnt meant to be a pyweek entry. In fact I never thought i could create a game within a week. Surprisingly this game, the majority of it only took two days, with the rest being polishing and bugfixes. Since it fits this weeks criteria and i created it during in the timeframe, I decided to upload my first pyweek game. Repo is at:

Entrant: metulburr


The theme is cows, right?

Obviously, I thought of this for the bovidae theme, but couldn't think of anything better so I went with it. Hopefully it's pixely enough to qualify as 8-bit.

Uses python 2.7 and pygame. I'm not too experienced with packaging (cxFreeze), etc. so I hope everything runs ok.


Entrant: iminurnamez

Saving Sylvia

Instead of using all 168 hours to make a PyWeek entry, we will only be using one. Our classic 8-bit adventure game will be created from 7:30-8:30 PDT on Thursday evening. Timelapse youtube video to follow.

Team: ikanreed, blakeohare, Satyrane, Brendan, eofpi, moshee, Falun, Christine, Spears Dracona

Tales of a Rogue Space Pirate

Fly around, destroy asteroids, and collect gems for points. We plan on expanding the gameplay to include Defender style levels accessed by landing on the planets in the overworld and turning this into a full game over the next few weeks.

Team: Enargy, CombustibleNate

Robolock II

You are a robot, frantically trying to set the correct bits to gain points, for reasons that are unlikely to ever become clear.

Toggle bits, unlock actions, and curse as your movement options are reduced in your quest to gain points. Ultimately overcome the challenges and win the game (or not).

"The Naja species are a medically important group of snakes due to the number of bites and fatalities they cause across their geographical range."

Team: stefanor, hodgestar, Decoy, drnlm, confluence, jerith


idle: a loss of resolution

Idle requires python 2.7 and pygame. That's all! Run the source distribution by navigating to the directory after expanding the zip file and running `python`

If you need them, there are spoilers available on our entry page.

Team: assertivist, paperstarships, mikekronberger

Binary wizard

Entrant: knowledge

8-bit Warrior!

A puzzle game where you must traverse to the exit in the dungeon, but almost all actions add or subtract from a running sum, where going below -127 (underflow) or above 126 (overflow) causes you to lose! See the readme file in the zip for more information on the rules and how to play the game.

Team: 5hassay, lolmancow

The L'il Fox

Run as fast as you can avoiding dogs, horses, traps and hurdles.
And bit at least 8 chickens to pass the level.

Final game is pretty different from what we thought about.
Unfortunately we were not able to dedicate so much time to pyweek, so we upload what we made in spare time.

Thanks for playing.

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta

Bit Flags Robo

Combine bit flags and kill 3 enemies.

Use keys from '1' to '8' to control a robot:
- 1: Move
- 2: Rotate counterclockwise
- 3: Rotate clockwise
- 4: Turn on sensor. Sensor "sees" and locks itself with a target only if target is the same color as sensor
- 5: Turn on red light. Depends on 4
- 6: Turn on green light. Depends on 4
- 7: Turn on blue light. Depends on 4
- 8: Turn on shooting. Depends on 4 and 5-7. Robot shoots only if target is locked within sensor

Entrant: petraszd

Grid Runners

The year 204x. After the last World War the mankind has finally found a civilized way of dealing with their differences: the 8-BIT Grid System.

This is the story of unnamed heroes trained to load their minds into the world's grids as Battle Internet Technicians, although they like to call themselves Grid Runners.

The game requires at least OpenGL 2.0 and 960x720 resolution or better (windowed mode, although I tried it full-screen in a netbook with less resolution and it works fine).

The source code version requires Python 2 and AVBin (10 or later -Linux distros may package a very old version-, 11 Alpha is highly recommended!) and OpenAL (optionally).

The windows and Linux packages are ready to go!

  • Windows: unzip the ZIP and run GRUNNERS.EXE
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu): choose the right package for your system (32 or 64 bit), install the package and a "grunners" icon should be added to your Games section (the game can also started with /opt/grunners/

Important: the source code version has a bug that may crash the game in Windows and Mac. Just comment line 72 in game/ It's a bug in the shipped version of Pyglet. Sorry about that!

Post-compo updates will be released at Grid Runners.

Entrant: reidrac

8bit Navy

Destroy the enemy fleet situated above you.

Very much not complete - but gives you an idea of where I was heading with it.

Entrant: procrastimancer

Hackers 8-bit

Team: DR0ID, gummbum

Save all 8 bits

Save all 8 bits is a puzzle game where the aim is to rescue all 8 bits on the board by avoiding obstacles, guns, and getting 'stranded'.

Entrant: jimmybob

Jacobs VS Richard Bommer & the machines army in the fabuluos 8-bit

This is my second PyWeek the last chance, i learn a lot of stuff and now i ready to this. :)

Entrant: andarms

Quest for Fire

In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth
When the land was swamp and caves were home
In an age when prize possession was fire
To search for landscapes men would roam.

A 'beat'em up' game with graphics simulating those of olden days.

The source code is in the file, but I suggest to run if from one of the other packages to avoid the 'first-run-lag'(models are in text files, the first time they load it take a while)


  • Credits are available as a separate file(credits.txt)
  • F1 key can be used to save a screenshot
  • Escape key can be used to exit the game at any time
  • Cassett image by: Cory Kerr

Entrant: wezu

Goodnight, Mr President

Goodnight, Mr President is a JRPG set in the exciting world of American politics. Yes that's right, together at last!

  • Lead Phillip Mossman and his political party to victory against great odds!
  • Lie through your slimey, politician teeth!
  • Learn what fillibuster means!
  • Save the world!

Grab your Bill of Rights and some bribe money and find out what kind of President you could be.

Team: alex, Manna

Shadow World

Find your creators in search of answers.

Entrant: permianlizard

Ape Bit

You control an ape of unknown origin who is desperately trying to avoid being bit by zombies.

Team: Alexander Adams, Kevin Feld


A puzzle/dexterity game about a photon lost inside a quantum computer. Your goal is to guide the photon to the terminal pad after activating eight 1-bit flip-flops. But the photon is very elusive and cannot be directly controlled. And hence you are given a set of block of various types that effect the photon's direction in some way.


The game is mainly controlled via mouse. Pick a block type from the menu on the left-hand side and place into the game field using a left mouse button. To delete a placed block, right click on it. If you use touch-pad, you may find left click + Shift or numeric keyboard key more handy. You cannot delete a level block, one that you did not place yourself.

Includes a level editor.

Watch the trailer

Source code:

Team: kent_turbo, mvuets, che


Overtime tells the story of Lenny, a computer technician working late and his attempt to foil a hacker. The game is a puzzle rpg with 8-bit style graphics.

Entrant: HipetyHopit

Bits of Eight

Arr, seek yer fortune on the high seas! Plunder ships for booty!

Extra release notes


If no sound plays, you may need to install a more up to date version of AVBin. Debian/Ubuntu ships with AVBin 7; we found AVBin 10 or 11 to work.

Mac OS X

When installing wasabi-lepton, make sure you compile with llvm-gcc, which is known to work.

Team: mauve, arnav, LovelyPython, dsmoker, nathanator


solo entry again. hope to make something complete this time :)

Entrant: gizmo_thunder