8Bit Navy

8bit Navy

Destroy the enemy fleet situated above you.

Very much not complete - but gives you an idea of where I was heading with it.


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.2
Production: 3
Innovation: 2.7

36% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
8BitNavy osx_i386.tarfinal
procrastimancer 2014/05/18 01:35
8BitNavy linux_i386.tarfinal
Linux i386
procrastimancer 2014/05/18 01:31
8BitNavy linux_amd64.tarfinal
Linux AMD64
procrastimancer 2014/05/18 01:21
8BitNavy Source.zipfinal
Source files
procrastimancer 2014/05/18 01:09
Windows Installer
procrastimancer 2014/05/18 01:04
P3D Multiplatform runnable with www.panda3d.org Client
procrastimancer 2014/05/18 00:28
8Bit Navy
procrastimancer 2014/05/18 00:23

Diary Entries

Not much progress

Using Panda3d for my entry. So far have written some boilerplate code, and mocked up an example title screen

Aim for tommorow is to get some basic selection of one of the ships in your fleet, and being able to move it around.

Not sure how well I'll get 3D to work with the 8-bit theme, but a top down view and use of billboards for most assets with low res textures if probably the way to go.

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Sailing the seas

Got a basic waypoint system developed, so you can plot the course of your ships.

Different ships will have different gun ranges, so position is important.

The sprites are a bit thrown together at this stage. Trying to focus on getting something playable. I'm thinking more of a radar type look and feel, mainly in shades of dark green.

Next I'll get some enemy ships in, add some turrets to the ships and see if I can get some combat happening.

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Shoot em up

Alright - slow progress again, but got turrets implemented on the ships.

They rotate towards and track targets. As soon as a target is designated, the ship starts firing. It should really wait until its within a certain cone so it will hit the target.

Changed the look and feel with a dithered radar type screen, which I'm happier with. The waypoints still aren't quite correct asor I haven't got the ship sprite centered properly.

Next I'll implement collisions / damage modelling.

I'm hoping I'll make lots of progress on Saturday instead of trying to fit this is after work!

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Doesn't look like much, but bullet to ship collisions and applying of damage done. A hitpoint bar shows below the ships.

I'd like to get bullets to fly in a parabolic arc, like shells. So might try that.

Next I'll need to have a destroyed state for ships, ship to ship collisions, visual differences between enemy / player fleets, selected ship indicator, and picking enemy ships (at the moment we just shoot at a point in space)

So much to do - so little time!

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Running out of time - sleep required...

Got sound and some music into the game, which is a first for any gamejam I've been in. Also got a packed build working nicely.

Added some particle effects, and screen shake on explosions. A certain amount of force is imparted when a ship is hit by a shell, and ships break into two when destroyed.

I'm hoping I'll have enough time to add a battleship class with large calibre guns, and an aircraft carrier that is an instant loss if destroyed.

Need to look at implementing enemy waves, and victory/loss screens. No time for fog of war :(

An amusing bug for today was getting the collision masks wrong, so the enemy was hitting itself whenever it started shooting.

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Done! Sort of.

Well - that was pretty fun!

Game doesn't quite have the fun factor, but it is sort of tricky navigating your ship to shoot at enemies without them firing back.

What I missed out on:

  • Victory / Loss screens
  • Help screen
  • Waves of enemies
  • Adding ships to your own fleet
  • Fog of war
  • Battleships, Aircraft carriers, Subs etc
  • Powerups

Next time I think I'll take a day off work, so I can spend a bit more time on it.

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