The title screen.


The evil ocean master is sending his minions to destroy your walls and take your pearls!


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Overall: 3.9
Fun: 3.7
Production: 4.3
Innovation: 3.7

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File Uploader Date
Needed a better filename.
ikanreed 2014/05/18 03:28
The title screen.
Spears Dracona 2014/05/12 23:54
pyweek18 progress2.png
Progress screenshot
ikanreed 2014/05/12 03:20
Sunday 11-05-2011
Sunday 5/11 build
ikanreed 2014/05/12 03:20
pyweek18 progress1.png
First night progress shot
ikanreed 2014/05/11 05:06

Diary Entries

Tonight's bedtime wrapup.

We have completed our first night of work on the game tentatively titled "Atlantis." Seems promising that we will have a working demo by tomorrow night.

So: the premise. You have to build a tower defense and wall structure out of tetris-like blocks, connecting power sources to turrets to kill enemies before they can steal your rare magic pearls.

Hopefully everything works out.

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Night 2 wrapup

We now have a working game available. Not a ton of polish yet, but you can play. And you can lose(winning still pending).

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Night 3: Polish

We polished things up a bit, added title, gameover screens, tweaked gameplay details today. No build warranted, I don't think.

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And we're done.

We've finished a pretty good game, I think. No major bugs outstanding, no polish left absent. A game I enjoy playing is all I ever really want to make any given pyweek, and I feel pretty good about Atlantis.

In extra good news, that leaves plenty of time for the 1 hour np181hke mini-pyweek we're doing tonight. As always any feedback is appreciated.